Blueberry (Dutch Passion) 3 seeds

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High yields from a sweet and fruity weed? Opt for the great looking Blueberry from Dutch Passion. High Times Cannabis Cup prizewinner in 2000! You can grow this indica-dominant weed plant either indoors or outdoors, and it does well in the greenhouse too. Although it’s not easy for beginners to cultivate, if you have a bit of experience then you can grow a magnificent purple weed plant between 2.5 and 3 metres tall. You’ll be able to pick a whole lot of fresh weed from this. It might seem strange for an indica, but it gives you a uniquely euphoric and mental high. It has a nine-week flowering period and you get 3 feminised weed seeds per pack.

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Blueberry from Dutch Passion is a weed plant that would not be amiss in your garden or growing cabinet. The buds from this beauty develop handsome purple tints.

Characteristics of Blueberry:

  • One of the fruitiest weeds you’ll have ever tried
  • Unexpected effect: an indica that gets you high and not stoned
  • Suitable for indoors, outdoors and in the greenhouse
  • Most plants develop blue-purple flowers
  • High yield
  • 3 feminised seeds
  • 20% THC

Cannabis Cup Prizes:

  • 2000 - 1st Prize - High Times Cannabis Cup
  • 2001 - 3rd Prize - High Times Cannabis Cup

Taste and Effects

You encounter sweet and exotic fruit when using this best-selling weed. You’ll probably never have tried such sweet weed before! Despite the 80% indica genetics, the effect mainly gets you high. It won’t make you stoned or sleepy. For that reason, Blueberry from Dutch Passion is highly suitable for using during the day. But do remember, with its 20% THC, this is definitely a powerful weed.

Professional tip: do you really want to get as high as you can without ending up on the sofa like a sack of potatoes? If so, then use a vaporizer or at least smoke Blueberry pure, strictly on its own! Tobacco influences the effect more than you might imagine.

Growth and Yield

Let this weed plant grow for 4 to 6 weeks before you switch to flowering. The flowering takes up some 8 to 9 weeks. A total of 12 to 15 weeks and ready for harvesting halfway into autumn. It’s possible that they will stretch out during the flowering phase because it’s not a pure indica plant. Outdoors they can reach between 2.5 and 3 metres in height and given sufficient sun and wind the chance of mould is slight. Some growers have been able to harvest over 2 kilos from a single plant! 

Indoors, Blueberry stays more compact and you can expect to achieve a maximum harvest of 450 grammes per square metre. 

Tip for the blue-purple colour: a cold climate will stimulate the great purple colour. For extra effect in the case of indoor cultivation, allow some cold air to flow in at the end of the flowering. Note: blue and purple strains do not always turn purple. This depends on the conditions in which the cannabis plant is grown.

Specifications for Blueberry Weed Seeds:

  • Genetics: Blueberry F5 (originally Temple Flo x HTAF)
  • Indica / Sativa: 80% Afghan Indica, 20% Sativa
  • Location: Indoor cultivation, outdoor cultivation or greenhouse cultivation
  • Average Flowering period: 8 to 9 weeks
  • From seed to harvest: Approximately 12 to 15 weeks
  • Taste: Sweet, berries and other fruit
  • Effect: Clear high that lasts a long time
  • THC: 20%
  • CBD: 0.1%
  • Seeds: 3 feminised seeds
  • Indoor yield: 450 grammes per m2 under ideal conditions
  • Outdoor yield: 2,000 grammes per plant under ideal conditions
  • Autoflower: no

*The above figures are averages.

Use a Vaporizer

We recommend to always use a vaporizer for medical use. A vaporizer is a healthier way to enjoy the cultivated plants. In our webshop we have a huge range of high-quality vaporizers available from stock.

Dutch Passion

The Amsterdam Dutch Passion officially opened its doors in 1987, but the extensive cannabis genetics that formed the basis for the Dutch company dates back to the 1970s. Dutch Passion stands for expertise and Dutch pride. Dutch Passion's expert growers are the inventors of feminized cannabis seeds and they recently stepped into the flourishing world of CBD oil. For good reasons Dutch Passion won more than 50 Cannabis Cups with their world-famous cannabis genetics.

SKU 1052
GTIN 9300012558379
Availability In Stock
Brand Dutch Passion
Number of seeds 3
Family (Genetics) Indica Dominant
Type Blue
Gender and Autoflower Feminised
Indoor / Outdoor Indoor, outdoor and greenhouse
From seed to Harvest (Autoflower) N/A - Non-autoflowering
Average Flowering Time 9-10 weeks
Average height 200-300 cm
Maximum Height (approximately) 300
Harvest month End of September
Difficulty Green Thumb
Effects Cheerful, Euforic, High
Mood Daytime
Taste Berries, Fruity, Sweet
Special Feature Flowers early (outdoors)
Max. Yield Indoor (grams / m2) 450
Max. Outdoor yield (gram / plant) 20
THC percentage (average) 20
CBD percentage (average) 0.10
THC:CBD Ratio More THC than CBD
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Blueberry (Dutch Passion) 3 seeds

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