Gorilla Bag | Joint Rolling Kit (Apestoned)


Gorilla Bag | Joint Rolling Kit (Apestoned)
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Do you also find packages of papers, tips, grinders and weed bags everywhere? The Gorilla Bag from Apestoned is the convenient and durable solution. A complete kit to roll your joints and store all your stuff. This beautiful bag contains a rolling tray, grinder, storage bin and two joint tubes. Besides that, there is enough space to fill the Gorilla Bag with your favourite rolling papers, tips, lighters and other rolling tools. All items are made of sturdy biodegradable plastic and if you want to take it with you, you can put it in the nice flannel bag. All your stuff in one place!



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Complete Kit to roll Joints

Are all your joints always lying around and do you have to search for everything before you can finally roll a joint? Get the Gorilla Bag. The sleekly designed bag is filled with everything you need to roll a joint. This way, wherever you go, you have all your stuff at hand in one place. 

Specifications Apestoned Gorilla Bag

  • Complete kit for rolling joints
  • Gorilla bag including grinder, storage tray, rolling tray, two joint tubes and flannel bag
  • All your stuff stored in one place
  • Odour-free and splash-proof
  • Size grinder & storage tray: 5.5 cm
  • Size of rolling tray: 20.5 x 10.5 cm
  • Size of sleeve: 23 x 15 x 5 cm
  • Size joint tubes: 11 cm
  • Made of durable materials

Also order our top quality long rolling papers & tips and make your Apestoned Gorilla Bag complete (see recommended products).

Sustainable Material

Apestoned thinks about our earth. That's why the Gorilla Bag is made of ecologically degradable plastic. It is super sturdy and also lightweight. Everything possible has been done to remove as much plastic from the packaging as possible. Sustainable joint rolling!

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