ANAXY Weed Grinder de-luxe & Dispenser

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Try this unique grinder and find out all the extras of this grinder. There is only one way to know, and that is by ordering this product. Find out what this means for you. The Anaxy Grinder comes with nine separate parts, six storage boxes, three types of herbs and convenient magnet seals. Everything is extra robust and weighs 100 grams. Order the Anaxy weed grinder today and start enjoying this excellent product.
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This unique grinder does not only do what the name grinder suggests. The ANAXY grinder also provides the possibility to store cannabis or mix it. The handy pouring spout ensures that the grinding will be saved in the handy storage container without spilling.

The ANAXY Grinder

  • 9 separate parts.
  • 6 storage compartments.
  • 3 types herb mixes.
  • handy magnetic closures.
  • extra robust.
  • weighs a massive 100 grams.

All-in-one grinder
Easy of use comes first with this grinder. Thanks to the easy magnetic closures, it is very easy to disassemble and also putting the parts back in place is a piece of cake. The grinder has 6 cylinders to put your herbs in. You can close this with a magnetic cover. There are another 3 secret storage compartments! It's the grinder of your dreams: a grinder with storage options in one!

Mixing during grinding
You can first grind your marijuana, followed by your tobacco, as you are used to. With The ANAXY grinder it is even possible to grind all herbs at the same time. The end product can be easily poured with the handy spout into a pre-rolled cone. The herb mix can also be placed on a rolling paper without effort. Easy of use comes first with this all-in-one-grinder.

Storing in the grinder
You can also fill the 3 storage containers with marijuana and take along the grinder when you go out for an evening, to a concert or festival! Grind when you want to or when it suits.

The ANAXY is multi-functional
One can call this grinder multi-functional. Because let's face it; how many grinders do you know where herbs can be mixed, stored and ground?

Easy-of-use ANAXY grinder 
Apart from the fact that you can use this grinder to mix and store, this grinder is very easy to use. As the grinder is connected with invisible magnets, you don't need to put much force to grind the herbs. Thanks to the powerful magnets, the ANAXY parts can easily be detached.

This makes grinding easy, also for those people who don't have much strength in their hands. Think of medicinal cannabis users.

Grinders in many varieties
Why would you choose this grinder when there are so many alternatives?

  • exclusive, unique design
  • strong material
  • no spill losses any more
  • easy to use
  • easy to clean

Technical details

  • 6 cylinders, 2cm3 each
  • 3 secret chambers, 2cm3 each
  • Diameter 54mm
  • Height 90mm
  • Base of anodized aluminum

Delivery The ANAXY Grinder
The grinder is delivered in a nice box with a quote of John Lennon printed on it. “A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality” Furthermore, the grinder comes in a robust and luxury package.

Design The ANAXY Grinder
The ANAXY Grinder can be ordered in the colors silver and gold.

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