Aluminium Grinder 2 parts 50 mm

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The Aluminum Grinder 50 mm is a good choice. The product has been thoroughly tested and is of high quality. A magnet is present which holds together the two parts of the grinder. It contains sharp pegs that smoothly cut through the content. You will have a lot of grip, thanks to side ribs. Make life easier when you grind your weed. Fill, roll and ready for use! Rolling a joint has never been so easy.
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The Mercedes among the Grinders!

A premium grinder! Why are we sure about that? We tested this grinder thoroughly. This aluminum version is definitely the Mercedes among the grinders. You only need to fill it with marijuana or other herbs, just turn it and the contents are ready to use. Easier and quicker? Almost impossible! And the best thing? This aluminum grinder is now available for a small price, in different colors. Get it right away!

Why would you buy the Aluminum Grinder 50 mm?

  • Inside both parts there is a magnet which hold the two separate parts together when you're grinding.
  • The pins are sharp and placed so that the desired very smooth stuff crumbled.
  • Between two moving parts is a thin ring of plastic, this ring make sure the grinder is running smoothly.
  • Both parts of the grinder have Relief on the outside which makes the turning of the parts better.
  • You can choose between different colors!

How does it work?

The Grinder is very handy, once you have used it I assure you that you will never want to do without. Just put your bud in the grinder, twist two times and it is crumbled.


  • Size: 50 mm
  • Available in all colors of the rainbow
  • Ridges on the sides for more grip
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Brand Merkloos
Material Metal
Grinder Parts 2 parts
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Would recommend the aluminium over any other material, well made, sharper teeth, grinds better and more efficiently and looks a lot better too!
Review by Ally UK
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Great tool that easily grinds most herbs to bits. Highly recommend getting an aluminum one over an plastic one they have better grip then the plastic ones. Also, these are magnetic so you don't have to worry about losing one half :)
Review by Dream Evil

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Aluminium Grinder 2 parts 50 mm

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