All in One Kratom (Kratopia) 50 grams

All in One Kratom (Kratopia) 50 grams

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Every strain of kratom has a slightly different effect. This is often due to the color of the leaf veins. Kratopia mixes four different kinds of kratom to give you a different effect each time. Depending on your physical condition, personal circumstances and dosage you choose, you can determine the effect of this kratom. Are you going for calmness or rather energy? With All in One Kratom, it's always a surprising experience. One package contains 50 grams. Good for about 10 average doses.

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All in One Kratom

Kratom with a red leaf vein works mainly narcotic. The white and green varieties are stimulating, and Maeng Da is the real powerhouse. Throw them all into the mix and you get a kratom powder that lets you decide what the effect will be. Choose an appropriate dosage and the set & setting do the rest. All in One Kratom from Kratopia is full of surprises!

  • Kratom with green, red and white leaf veins in the mix.
  • With a hint of Maeng Da for extra strength.
  • Determine the effect yourself based on set, setting and dosage
  • Packaging of 50 grams
  • Enough for at least 10 serious doses

What is Kratom?

Kratom is extracted from a fifteen-metre high tree in the rainforest: the Mitragyna speciosa. This tree’s leaves contain more than twenty-five substances which influence the effect of Kratom to varying degrees.

Kratom is mainly known in South-East Asia where it is used in many countries as a mild stimulant. At a lower dosage the effect is comparable to coffee, cocoa leaves or nicotine, but it differs according to variety.

The Bizarre Effects of Kratom

The Kratom plant is highly sensitive to where it is growing. This makes it very difficult to grow Kratom yourself. Depending on the environment from which Kratom comes, its effect can be quite different. Compare it to the taste of wine. Connoisseurs will notice the difference immediately. The effect of Kratom is also somewhat subjective with most people reporting they experience the effect differently. For example, a low dosage of the Thai variant stimulates you and gives you energy. Maeng Da goes a step further and promises you a euphoric feeling. If you want to chill out nicely then Bali and Malaysia are the variants you need, also at a lower dosage.

Whatever the type, they all get you drunk if you take enough, just like wine. That’s roughly true of Kratom in the same way. A bigger dose of Kratom deadens you and sedates your body somewhat, irrespective of whether you take Thai, Balinese or Malaysian Kratom.

The effect of Kratom is noticeable between 5 and 10 minutes after intake. The effect can remain for several hours and is both relaxing and stimulating. It’s a different experience; you can feel relaxed and dreamy, whilst also feeling active or being in the mood to work. Sources say that Kratom, in lower doses, has a stimulating effect and in higher doses, a relaxing one. Euphoric and dreamlike feelings are the most prominent effects. A high dose of Kratom can cause prolonged sleep.

Use and Dosage of Kratom Powder

Kratom powder dissolves very well in water. This makes it particularly suitable for putting in a smoothie, juice or milkshake. Then you’ll hardly notice the nutty, slightly bitter taste. Use less than 3 grams for a mild dose, 3 to 5 grams for a normal dose (the effects vary by type) and 6 grams of powder for a high, sedating dose.

As far as dosage goes, we just want to let you know the following. At high doses, Kratom is slightly addictive. If you use it consecutively for a number of days to weeks, you could suffer from congestion, facial discolouration, reduced appetite and ultimately even weight loss. As if that’s not enough you may also have withdrawal symptoms: irritability, runny nose and very thin bowel movements which will make withdrawal uncomfortable for you and your environment. So make sure not to use Kratom continuously.

About Kratopia

Kratopia is a company that exclusively produces and sells kratom products. That's why the focus of this company really lies with kratom. By using different types of kratom from all over the world, Kratopia has a wide range of powerful products. Are you too energetic or energyless? Then Kratopia's kratom products are a good solution. From kratom powder in capsules to extracts in liquid form: with this brand you can find everything. See which type suits you best and try quality products from Kratopia!

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All in One Kratom (Kratopia) 50 grams

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