Magic Truffles Mexicana 15 grams

Magic Truffles Mexicana 15 grams
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Another name for the magic mushroom is Psilocybine Sclerotia. They are from the Psilocybe Mexicana type. It is important to keep them cool and dark. They will stay fresh for a month. Check the box for the expiration date! This type is not a truffle nor a mushroom. They are Sclerotia and grow below the surface between the fungus wires. Another name is swam flake or mycelium. You would like to know what it does with you? Then go for Magic Truffles Mexicana.


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Magic Mexicana Truffles

Magic truffles or Psilocybe sclerotia from the Psilocybe Mexicana species. The active substance of the truffle drugs is equal to those of magic mushrooms: Psilocybine. A package contains 15 gram of vacuum packaged Psilocybe Mexicana truffles "Flesh of the Gods". When preserved in a cool and dark place these magic truffles will stay at least one month fresh (see date on the box), so buying truffles in advance is no problem.


Magic truffle is a fantasy name for this mushroom species. It is neither a truffle nor a mushroom. Magic truffles are Sclerotia, grow under the ground between the hypha and are also called mycelium or shiro. Under normal circumstances mushrooms grow out of the mycelium but if circumstances are not favorable then the mycelium produces Sclerotia. This Sclerotia contains nutrients for better times. Some mushrooms also produce psychedelic psilocin and psilocybin which is also stored in the Sclerotia and those species we call simply magic truffles.

A colorful Mexican experience

The Mexican truffle is one of the most popular magic truffles of this moment and very suitable as a first encounter with a mushroom trip. The Mexicana is known as mild species, which doesn't mean that the magical effect should be underestimated. A truffle trip with the Mexicana is generally experienced as:

  • Euphoric
  • A feeling of release
  • Intense colors 
  • Light hallucinations can take pace
  • A relaxing truffle trip can bring you insights into yourself or others.

What you have to know before using magic truffles

Magic truffles or mushrooms, such as the liberty cap, contain as active substance psilocybin, a hallucinogenic compound from the tryptamine family. The strength and dose is different per species and also depends on each individual's sensitivity, which is different in each of us.

If you try sclerotia or magic truffles for the first time, better take half a dose for a normal trip. If you have experience and you want a stronger trip, then take 10 to 15 gram of sclerotia. Do not eat previous to the intake, it absorbs best on an empty stomach and brings the best effects of the truffles. The magic truffles must be well chewed for a prolonged period of time and then swallowed. The taste is bitter and can sometimes give nausea in the first hour. After about 45 minutes the truffle trip starts and can take even up to 6 to maximum 8 hours.

Ensure you are in a save environment. If you have no or little experience with a truffle trip ensure a sober friend is present that is taking his task as trip sitter.

Effects of truffles and warnings

The effects of magic truffles vary from species to species and from person to person and correlate with your mood and the environment where you are. Only use magic truffles if you don't have any psychological problems such as depressions, psychosis or anxiety disorders. Don't combine magic truffles with medicines, alcohol or any other drugs. Only use magic truffles when your mood is positive and the environment save and secure. Only for persons of 18 years and older. Do not use when pregnant or want to be pregnant or give breastfeeding.

Psychedelic truffles are not party drugs and not intended for minors. Do not trip and drive. Always start with a small dose, and in an environment that is known, in order to test your reaction on psilocybin. Never combine magic truffles with alcohol or other drugs.

Using magic truffles

Chew the magic truffles for quite some time before you swallow them. Ensure your stomach is (almost) empty; with a full stomach the active substance is not well absorbed by the body.

You can also make tea of it as a drink, preparing it with honey. Put the (small cut pieces of) magic truffles on a light fire and let it infuse for about 20 minutes, in lightly boiling water, try to prevent that the water bubbles. Pour the boiled liquid through a sieve or coffee filter and if you prefer let it infuse with a bag of tea. Squeeze or press out the truffle pieces as much as possible, you can throw away the remainder or just eat it.

For a light trip and for inexperienced users a dose of 5 to 9 grams is sufficient. 10 Grams Mexicana is good for a mild trip with hallucinogenic effects and with 15 grams of Mexicana you can experience an intense, visual trip through the sunny parts of life. A Fiesta del Color that feels like a tropical holiday.

This product cannot be changed because the shelf life of the product is limited.

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Safe use of Magic Truffles

Truffles are the legal alternative to Magic Mushrooms. Truffles also contain the strongly psychoactive psilocybin and psilocin. Therefore, be careful when using them. Read this description carefully before the trip.

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