Kratom Extract Thai 15X (Mystic Herbs) 1 gram

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Balinese Kratom Extract originating from Southeast-Asia is easy to order at Dutch-Headshop. Kratom Extract you use by making a tea. You can also mix it into a milkshake, fruit juice or just hot water. The widely ranging effects of Kratom occur within 15 minutes. It can, for instance, give you a better mood or increase your energy level. A lower dose usually works stimulating, a higher dose ensures relaxation. Experience what Kratom Extract Thai 15X from Mystic Herbs does to you! You get 1 gram per pack and a mild dose is 0.2 gram.

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Origin of Kratom

Kratom comes from a tree with the botanical name Mitragyna speciosa Korthals. For many this is an unfamiliar tree that grows in Southeast-Asia. This tree is mainly grown in Thailand, Bali and Malaysia. In these countries, the use of Kratom is a habit for some parts of the population. Thai workers, for instance, take Kratom to get through the workday.

Properties Kratom Thai Extract 15X

  • Originating from Thailand, Asia.
  • Many different effects that are depend on the dose
  • Activates within 15 minutes
  • Recommend to make tea with
  • Also suitable to mix with a liquid or milkshake.

Effects Thai Kratom Extract

Kratom Extract has several effects on body and mind. Kratom especially influences the mood and ensures a healthy dose of energy. Lower doses of Kratom mainly work stimulating and higher doses relaxing. In addition, it can increase the duration of sex. Dreamy, euphoric and blissful effects can arise as well. As you can see, the effects are divers and contradictory. Dosing and your own current mood dictate what the effect is.


The most suitable way to use Kratom Extract is to make a tea and drink it. Kratom Extract can also be mixed with a milkshake or a liquid like hot water. Kratom is already active if you take less than 1 gram. For a mild effect you take about 0,5 gram and for a strong effect it is recommended to take about 1,5 gram. Keep in mind that the effect of 15X extract is 15 times as strong as the leaves. That means that 1 gram of this extract equals 15 grams of Kratom leaves.

Contents of the package Mystic Herbs Kratom Extract

  • 1 gram Kratom powder


Do not use during pregnancy or lactation. Do not combine with MAO inhibitors, drugs, stimulants, alcohol or other psychoactive products. Not for persons under 18 years. Keep out of reach of children. store at a Cool and dry place.

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Brand Mystic Herbs
Specially for Energy (relaxing in higher doses)
Composition Powder
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Kratom Extract Thai 15X (Mystic Herbs) 1 gram

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