Autoflower marijuana seeds are special. This is because they are crossed with a Ruderalis strain, therefore these plants flower automatically. Furthermore, the plants often remain small. Growing cannabis cannot be easier than with autoflower seeds.

Growing marijuana yourself is the easiest with autoflower cannabis seeds. Because the plant automatically flowers, you don't need to take into account complicated light regimes. Buy your autoflower cannabis seeds in all shapes and sizes at the Dutch-Headshop. These cannabis seeds are therefore well-suited for both the novice and the advanced grower. Just take a look at:

  • Positronics' THC-rich Jack Diesel Express,
  • The medicinal properties of MED GOM 1.0 from CBD-Crew / Grass-o-Matic,
  • The super quick and easy-to-grow Fast Eddy Automatic,
  • Or the Autoflower Mix with 5 different automatic flowering strains, to try

How do autoflower marijuana seeds work?

Autoflowering means the plant will automatically flower after a period of about three weeks. Why is that? Cannabis ruderalis is a bush naturally occurring in Central and Eastern Europe and Russia. Although related to the more famous sativa and indica strains, the ruderalis is not so rich in cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. The yield is also significantly lower than the Cannabis sativa or Cannabis indicastrains. Yet, the disadvantage of both Sativa and Indica plants is they only start flowering when days get shorter.

Shorter days don't affect the ruderalis. This cannabis plant automatically flowers, irrespective of the day length or amount of light. A fantastic feature. By crossing ruderalis with sativa or indica, we get some kind of superplant; auto-flowering cannabis plants with a higher yield and a high dose of cannabinoids.

Small plants?

An autoflower cannabis plant does not necessarily remain a small plant. The Amnesia Haze Automatic, for example, can reach a height of up to one and a half meter. The size and yield of your plant strongly depend on the growth conditions. Water, fertilizer, light and air are especially important to maximize yields. Truly next-level is the so-called ScrOG method, which allows you to greatly increase the size and yield of a single plant.

The best labels

Buy autoflower cannabis seeds from the very best brands, of course. Next to our Private Label, you can also order the best autoflower cannabis seed labels in the Dutch-Headshop.

  • Dutch Passion
  • Royal Queen Seeds
  • The Joint Doctor’s
  • Greenhouse Seeds

Autoflower for everyone

Not unimportant: All seeds in this category are suitable for indoor, outdoor and greenhouse cultivation. Whether you are just starting to grow cannabis plants or, as a seasoned grower, want to try modern cultivation techniques with, for example, Scrog; with autoflower cannabis it is possible. Simply use the filters on the left and select your favorite cannabis plant.


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