Candyfloss (Amsterdam Genetics)

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Candyfloss is one of the sweetest weed strains in our collection. Together with strong sativa genes and 23% THC she puts a smile on everybody's face. Expect strong mental effects after ingestion that bring powerful waves of euphoria. Candyfloss makes you feel good about yourself. For a sativa, she finishes flowering quickly. In just 9 weeks you can harvest 600 grams from her buds; whether you grow indoors or outdoors. Again, top quality weed seeds from Amsterdam Genetics.

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This sativa-dominant hybrid aims to rewrite the definition of sweet weed and pretty much succeeds!

Characteristics Candyfloss Strain:

  • Haze-dominant hybrid that flowers faster than average (9 weeks)
  • 23% THC for unforgettable euphoric feelings
  • Sweet weed for sweet tooths
  • Up to 600 grams per plant
  • Turns purple to pink under the right growing conditions (see below)

Flavour and Effects Candyfloss Weed

Candyfloss lives up to its name. This sativa-dominant plant doesn't get weed buds, but true cotton candy.Super sweet stuff with bits of fruit. An experience at Candyfloss is comparable to shopping at Jamin's while high on a Super Silver Haze. 

Sativa fans can indulge themselves, as the effect is mostly mental. From the first drag until that plant candy is finished, you can expect a phenomenal high. She owes that in part to that 23% THC, but mostly to her genetic background. The fact that we call her Super Silver Haze is no coincidence. The euphoric high is very similar to SSH and another grandparent; Mimosa. Users give her medicinal qualities as stress relieving and mood enhancing. Be careful with anxious and inexperienced blowers, as the amount of THC can quickly become overwhelming.

Growth and Yield

Around 600 grams per plant (outdoors) with only 9 weeks of flowering. That's very generous and lightning fast for a sativa. Let her finish in cool temperatures below 17 degrees to get a beautiful purple plant. Indoors, of course, you have more control over this than outdoors. Candyfloss is a treat for the eye, the taste buds and therefore also for your mood. Lower the grow temperature step by step. Note: blue and purple strains do not always turn purple. This depends on the circumstances in which the weed plant is grown. Also check our blog about growing purple weed.

Specifications Candyfloss Seeds:

  • Genetics: Candyfloss (Quicksilver x Sugar Punch)
  • Indica / Sativa: 70% sativa, 30% indica
  • Location: Growing indoors, growing outdoors and growing in a greenhouse
  • Flowering period indoors: 9 weeks
  • Month of harvest outdoors: early/mid-October
  • Flavour: super sweet, sugary, candy and yes... sweet. With hints of fruit.
  • Effect: Strong high, happy and euphoric
  • THC: 23%
  • CBD: 0.9%
  • CBN: 0.6%
  • Seeds: 3 or 5 feminized seeds
  • Yield indoors: 600 grams per square meter under ideal conditions
  • Yield outdoors: 600 grams per plant under ideal conditions
  • Autoflower: No

*The abovementioned numbers are averages.

Use a Vaporizer

We recommend using a vaporizer for medicinal use, but also for recreational use. A vaporizer is a healthier way to enjoy your cannabis. In our webshop we have a huge range of high-quality vaporizers in stock. Using a vape will will prevent tobacco from making you lethargic and drowsy and, of course, from ingesting that harmful tobacco at all.

About Amsterdam Genetics

Since 1985, renowned cannabis experts from the local coffee shop sector in Amsterdam have been applying their knowledge together. Their mission is to develop the best weed seeds on the planet. Amsterdam Genetics stands for the highest quality and the typical Amsterdam taste of weed. Amsterdam is the world’s capital city for weed and the undisputed birthplace of modern cannabis culture. By using classic genetics from the Netherlands’ capital city, Amsterdam Genetics wants to give everyone the freedom to enjoy the flavour of the city. They do this by hybridising the best genetics and developing the worldwide community. Not just as a seed bank. Amsterdam Genetics is represented by famous and prize-winning coffee shops. Now everyone can get to cultivate the self-developed and highly popular strains on the menu with Amsterdam Genetics’ quality seeds.

SKU G-2734
Brand Amsterdam Genetics
Family (Genetics) Sativa Dominant
Type Haze
Gender and Autoflower Feminised
Indoor / Outdoor Indoor, outdoor and greenhouse
From seed to Harvest (Autoflower) N/A - Non-autoflowering
Average Flowering Time 9-10 weeks
Average height 150-200 cm
Maximum Height (approximately) 220
Harvest month Halfway through October
Difficulty Easy Plants
Effects Cheerful, Euforic, Strong High
Mood Daytime, Motivating
Taste Fruity, Skunk, Sweet
Max. Yield Indoor (grams / m2) 600
Max. Outdoor yield (gram / plant) 600
THC percentage (average) 23
CBD percentage (average) 0.90
Rich in CBN
THC:CBD Ratio More THC than CBD
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