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A state-of-the-art desktop vaporizer for weed and other dry herbs. The Arizer XQ2 Vaporizer features the latest technologies and best materials for endless possibilities. You can vape through a tube or balloon. The convection vaporizer has a ceramic oven and heating element for the best possible flavour. You can use the remote control and the clear LED screen to set everything up easily. Temperatures ranging from 50°C to 260°C, fan speeds, light settings and much more. With the Arizer XQ2 you get, as usual, a whole box full of accessories. A powerful and multifunctional weed vaporizer for a fair price!

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Optimized Weed Vaporizer 

The Arizer XQ2 is the improved version of the legendary Extreme Q. You have the option to vape through a tube or balloon. The bowl is improved so you can choose different amounts. The vaporizer is equipped with various colors of LED lights that you can set yourself. The temperature range is much larger and the speed with which the device works is higher. In other words: the XQ2 vaporizer is improved on all levels.

Arizer XQ2 Features & Specifications

  • Newest generation desktop vaporizer
  • Convection vaporizer with ceramic oven and heating element
  • Inhale through tube or balloon
  • Suitable for weed and other dry herbs
  • Vaporization temperature adjustable from 50 °C to 260 °C
  • With LED display and remote control
  • Fan with three speed settings
  • Includes a box full of accessories
  • With special bowls for aromatherapy
  • Suitable for micro-dosing
  • Adjust the LED lighting to your preference
  • Warm-up time: 1 to 2 minutes
  • Works on constant current (wall socket) only
  • Size: 16.0 x 16.2 cm
  • Weight: approximately 500 grams
  • 3 year (manufacturer's) warranty

User manual Arizer XQ2

When you purchase your Arizer XQ2 Vaporizer, you get tons of accessories, including a manual and a remote control. You can control this desktop vaporizer using the buttons on the vaporizer or the remote control. Things such as temperature, fan speed and custom settings can be changed with this. You can easily read everything on the large LED display on the front side of the vaporizer.

Balloon Or Tube

When you want to use the Arizer XQ2 Vaporizer, you need to choose between inhaling via a tube or balloon. 


If you choose to use the tube, you will first need to fill a bowl and place it on the oven. Then you put the Mini Whip or Elbow Adapter on the bowl, to connect the hose to your vaporizer. Set the temperature and check the LED screen when the vaporizer has reached the desired temperature. Inhale through the hose or use the hose to blow the vapour out of the hose. 


If you choose to inhale through the balloon, also fill a bowl first and put it on the oven. Use a Balloon Connector to prepare a balloon for use (watch the video at the bottom of the page or refer to the included instructions). The Arizer XQ2 Vaporizer fills a balloon within 2 to 4 minutes. After that you can start vaping.

XQ2 Desktop Vaporizer for Weed and Herbs

The Arizer XQ2 is a weed vaporizer. Other dry herbs can also be vaporized. The device is also suitable for aromatherapy. Concentrates such as dabs and hash cannot be vaporized with the XQ2. It is a desktop model. This means that it is not portable and can only be used when connected to AC power through a cable. Desktop vaporizers have the most power. Also, you are not bothered with battery capacity. You can always vape with power and efficiency, as long as you are near an electrical outlet.

Convection Vaporizer & Ceramic Heating

If you're all about flavourful vapour, the Arizer XQ2 is the perfect choice. After all, it's a convection vaporizer. This means that only hot air flows through the herbs. So the contents of the vaporizer are not in direct contact with the heating element. According to experts, convection vaporizers have the best flavour. Also, both the heating element at the bottom of the vaporizer and the oven are made of ceramic. This material is extremely strong and is known not to affect the flavour of the vapour. Want to preserve the purest flavour of weed or herbs? The Arizer XQ2 is a true master at it.

Temperature & Settings Arizer XQ2 Vaporizer

You can set the Arizer XQ2 Vaporizer to temperatures between 50°C and 260°C. This is an exceptionally wide range. For vaporizing weed, we recommend that you do not use the highest temperature. However, it is useful if you want to vaporize other herbs such as salvia. In addition to the temperature, you can adjust the fan. This is the speed at which the balloons are filled, or the vapor from the hose is blown into your mouth. You can also set lots of other features such as the duration of the auto-off function, screen brightness and the colours of the LED lights on the bottom of the vaporizer. Customize everything to your own taste!

Enhanced Bowls

With the launch of the Arizer XQ2 Vaporizer, new glass bowls were also introduced. The new Glass Connoisseur Bowl has a built-in glass screen, so you don't have to resort to metal screens necessarily. Inside the bowl there are basically two chambers. A large Cloud Chamber, where you can put a lot of weed or herbs. The best choice for large clouds of vapour. Flip it over and you fill the Flavour Chamber. Specially designed for micro-dosing or optimal flavour sensation. 

Extreme amount of Accessories

When you buy your Arizer XQ2 Vaporizer, you get a huge amount of accessories. These allow you to use and clean the vaporizer in different ways. The contents of the package:

  • Arizer XQ2 Vaporizer
  • Power adapter
  • Remote control
  • Glass connoisseur bowl
  • Tuff BowlGrips
  • Glass aromatherapy dish
  • 3’ Whip
  • Glass mini whip
  • Glass balloon mouthpiece
  • Balloon connector
  • Balloon bags
  • Balloon cap
  • Air intake filter
  • Stirring tool
  • Dome & flat screens
  • Aromatic botanicals
  • Manual

All Arizer parts are also available separately in our webshop. See the page 'Vaporizer Accessories’.

Cleaning and Maintenance of the Arizer XQ2 Vaporizer

You must clean your Arizer XQ2 Vaporizer regularly to keep it in tip-top condition. Preferably after every session. This will prevent dirt getting the opportunity to stick and will save you from subsequent laborious cleaning work. Fortunately, on purchase you get a number of tools for keeping your device clean. Do you need any additional help? You can find everything for getting your vaporizer 100% clean again in our ‘Vaporizer Accessories’ category. Vaporizer cleaner, alcohol wipes, brushes and a whole lot more!


Arizer vaporizers are praised worldwide for their superior taste and soft, cool vapor. The high-quality material used by this Canadian vaporizer producer ensures Arizer only builds the absolute top in vapeland.

After the success of the Arizer V-Tower and the portable Arizer Air, different models were added to the product range. Arizer keeps developing its products to meet the growing demand for high-quality vaporizers.

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Availability In Stock
Brand Arizer
Method Convection (Hot Air)
Inhale Direct and balloon
Temperature Adjustable Digital Display
Adjustable airflow Yes
Highest temperature 260
Lowest temperature 50
Heat-up Time 60
Portable Vaporizer No
Number of sessions per battery charge Unlimited (no battery)
Oven Volume 0.45
Oven material Ceramic
Smartphone App? Yes
For vaporizers XQ2
Auto switch off Yes
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