Blue Lotus flowers shredded [Nymphaea caerulea] (Herbs of the Gods) 20 grams

Blue Lotus flowers shredded [Nymphaea caerulea] (Herbs of the Gods) 20 grams
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Blue Lotus has become known as aromatic blue water lily, originating from the Nile area. The aroma brings you into a meditative state of mind. In case you steep tea from it, it will induce a slightly narcotic and at the same time a subtle euphoric effect. At higher doses it may also be slightly hallucinogenic and it enhances sexual desire. You can now make tea yourself with five grams of dried blue lotus tea leaves per person.
Herbs of the Gods


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Blue Lotus (Nymphaea caerulea) is a fragrant blue lily of the Nile area, South Africa and China. The spiritual fragrant of the Blue Lotus lets you enter into a meditative mood. Blue Lotus tea provides a lightly anesthetic and at the same time subtly euphoric effect. At higher doses, it can even be lightly hallucinogenic and increases sexual desire.

Flower of the gods
Blue Lotus was already used medicinally and spiritually more than 3000 years ago by priests from the Old Egypt, Greece and Rome. This flower was so important, that the Egyptian god Nefertum protected the Blue Lotus. The Blue Lotus is depicted on every image, temple or grave from antiquity.

Tea or wine
The old Egyptians made a traditional drink from wine and Blue Lotus for recreational use. Do you also want to experience this, then add about 5 grams dried Blue Lotus to a bottle of wine and let it steep for several hours. Blue Lotus gives the wine a bitter taste, it doesn't make it more tasteful! The effect of this divine drink, however, becomes more intense.

Blue Lotus tea
You make Blue Lotus tea by steeping 5 grams of dried Blue Lotus per person in hot water. Blue Lotus tea can also be combined with for example Catmint or Wild Lettuce from Herbs of the Gods.

Herbs of the Gods
Herbs of the Gods has an ample range of relaxing, stimulating and psychoactive herbs and seeds from all over the world. Products from Herbs of the Gods can be used in different ways: in a vaporizer or as a tea. Herbs of the Gods are available in 4 categories: Energy, Sex, Relax and Trip.

Blue Lotus tea leaves Herbs of the Gods
Content: 20 gr

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