Voacanga seeds [Voacanga Africana] (Seeds of the Gods) 5 grams

Voacanga seeds [Voacanga Africana] (Seeds of the Gods) 5 grams
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You can use voacanga seeds in two ways. You can of course plant the seeds and shape your own colourful, psychedelic garden or you can also directly eat these seeds from Seeds of the Gods for a trippy experience. These seeds contain legal constituents which are closely related to ibogaine. The seeds don’t taste very nice but thanks to their mildly hallucinatory and energising effects these voacanga seeds are great for chewing during a party. And... purely natural!

Seeds of the Gods


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What is Voacanga?

The tropical voacanga is a smallish tree with white or yellow flowers. In Africa, where these seeds come from, the voacanga bark and seeds are eaten as an energiser and aphrodisiac.

  • They contain the constituents voacangine, voacamine, vobtusine, amataine, akuammidine, tabersonine and coronaridine.

Cultivating Voacanga

It can take several months to germinate voacanga seeds. You can speed this up by soaking the seeds for 5 minutes in natural vinegar. That helps to break down the hard exterior of the seeds. Rinse the seeds well to prevent damage to your plants at a later stage. For germination, you can use our germination kit which can be found in the recommended products and when checking out purchases.

Is your seed bursting open? Then plant it 6 centimetres deep in a mixture of 1 quarter potting compost and 3 quarters sand. Voacanga is not hardy so plant it in a pot which you can bring indoors in the winter. Water it every day and use a fungicide at the first signs of mould.

Use, Dosage and Effects of Voacanga

The effect of voacanga is similar to that of the now banned iboga. You can also chew the seeds for a psychedelic effect. One by one, or several at once. You can also grind them in a mortar and brew tea with them. A bit of lemon in the tea will offset some of the nutty, bitter taste.

Light dose of Voacanga

10 seeds is a light dose. You’ll feel more energetic and it seems that everything hits your retina more vividly.

Normal dose of Voacanga

35-50 seeds is a normal dose which can give you an energy boost and will probably put you into a trance-like state. We say probably because it greatly depends on your build, what and whether you’ve eaten and where you are at that moment. Moreover, the seeds are a natural product so not every seed contains a measured quantity of active substances.

Approximately 20 minutes after chewing 50 seeds, you can expect to experience an emotional discharge. You can see shapes and colours in the corners of your eyes from 35-50 seeds. In the dark, figures may appear just as they do with a light dose of LSD or Magic Truffles.

High dose of Voacanga

With 100 seeds your experience will be something else entirely. Tea made from 100 seeds is not pleasant in any case but the effect is naturally much stronger than with 50 seeds. Arms and legs can feel numb and from time to time your vision can recede and be replaced by intense visuals. A high dose of voacanga can therefore be pretty exciting - definitely not for inexperienced psychonauts!

Voacanga as Dream Herb

A less common application is to take voacanga before going to sleep. That will give you particularly powerful dreams which can feel like a spiritual journey. A medium-light dose of 10-20 seeds is plenty. Voacanga before sleeping can also help you to achieve lucid dreams but it takes some training.

Package contents

  • 5 grammes (approximately 170 seeds) Voacanga seeds (Voacanga africana) from Seeds of the Gods

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