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Going out of your mind, with natural psychedelics? The products in this category ensure a great trip. Besides DMT-containing plants, Magic Mushroom Growkits and Peyote Cacti, you will also find the famous Magic Truffles right here. Keep in mind that all products in this trip category induce serious psychedelic effects! All products are delivered discreetly. From the outside, you cannot see what's inside.

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  1. 5-HTP (Lifestyle Caps) 40 capsules

    5-HTP (Lifestyle Caps) 40 capsules

    5-HTP helps you to get a more positive self-image. A food supplement with as most important substance 5-HTP, derived from the ...

  2. Heating Mat for Shrooms Infrared (Private Label) Large

    Heating Mat for Shrooms Infrared (Private Label) Large

    It’s not difficult to cultivate shrooms, but for optimal results they can use some assistance. You can increase the yield with ...

  3. Magic Truffles Microdosing Pack (McMicrodose) 2 x 10 grams

    Magic Truffles Microdosing Pack (McMicrodose) 2 x 10 grams

    Small truffles that are very suitable for microdosing, that is the microdosing pack of McMicrodose. This pack contains 2 x 10 grams ...

  4. Space Trips 4 capsules

    Space Trips 4 capsules

    Do you want to have a safe and natural space? You can with these powerful capsules with natural herbal extracts. Note: Space Trips ...

  5. Magic Truffles High Hawaiians 22 grams

    Magic Truffles High Hawaiians 22 grams

    These powerful Magic truffles from McSmart belong to the species Psilocybe Tampelandia. They are better known as High ...

  6. Hawaiian Baby Woodrose [Argyreia Nervosa] (Mystic Seeds) 10 seeds

    Hawaiian Baby Woodrose [Argyreia Nervosa] (Mystic Seeds) 10 seeds

    The Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds can be eaten. In that case, natural tryptamine and LSA will be released. What follows is the ...

  7. Microdosing Magic Truffles Mexicana (Private Label) 6 x 1 gram

    Microdosing Magic Truffles Mexicana (Private Label) 6 x 1 gram

    Microdosing is really easy when you don’t have to measure out or dry anything. Every three days, take a pre-weighed, 1-gramme ...

  8. Magic Truffles Odin's Jewels (Private Label) 15 gram

    Magic Truffles Odin's Jewels (Private Label) 15 gram

    There are Magic Truffles and there are Truffles which are so Magical that it would seem they come from another dimension. ...

  9. Algerian Blend | Herbal High 6 gram

    Algerian Blend | Herbal High 6 gram

    An unbeatable mix of 6 different herbs. Algerian Blend is a strong herbal mix which can induce psychoactive effects. Forming the ...

  10. Trip-E (Happy Caps) 4 capsules

    Trip-E (Happy Caps) 4 capsules

    Looking for a product with a stimulating effect? Then try the Trip-E. You get more energy and you will experience a light trip, with ...

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Tripping on natural psychedelics. Here you will find psychoactive plants and mushrooms from all over the world; from Magic Truffles to Ayahuasca. This category of tripping agents provides you with all resources for an unforgettable trip through your consciousness.

Serious natural products

Many shamans would be envious of our natural medicine offer. Tough the precise working of the trip products varies, they share one characteristic. The conscious expanding agents will let you experience a different reality. Hallucinations, visions and meeting with strange beings are not ruled out!

The delicious natural products in this category are all legally available. But that's no reason to doubt the effect of these herbs, truffles and capsules! The wide range of natural products in this category should all be taken very seriously. You are standing on the launching pad for an inner journey.

What is tripping?

Tripping refers to an inner journey under the influence of an herb, mushroom or synthetic agent such as LSD. During the start of such a journey you often feel strongly connected to your environment, or you burst into an uncontrollable laughter. You lose your sense of identity, you can merge emotionally with the couch, or even the entire universe. Sometimes you can have the feeling of being an object. Wait, the experience can get even crazier. Time seems to slow down, and you can experience being in several places at the same time. An out-of-body experience and seeing strange beings is also possible. The quality and duration of a trip varies per agent, dose, set and setting. By far the most important aspects for a trip are its set and setting.

The Set = Your Mindset

The set is your mindset, your memories and body. How are you feeling at the moment of intake and during the trip? You are heavy? How old are you? All factors that influence the effects and intensity of the trip. This may sound a bit hippie, but 5 grams of Magic Truffles can have an entirely different effect on you than on your friend. So, how do you determine the best set? We have 4 tips for the best set for a trip:

  • Always go for the lightest dose. It says 5-10 grams on the package? Then go for 5 grams. You can always take more next time.
  • Only take in smart drugs if you feel comfortable and you feel like it. Then you can have really fun trip.
  • Carefully read the product text on our website and also the instructions on the packaging, for proper use.
  • Never drink alcohol before or during a trip.
  • Don't be afraid. Let the smart drugs do their work, and allow yourself to be carried away. If you are afraid of losing control, better sniff around in the relax category.

Setting: Where will you trip?

With setting, you should think of the scenery of a play. You largely determine the content of a trip through your environment. A quiet, safe and familiar environment is the best. Ambient noise (or music), light (daylight or candlelight) and comfort (sitting on the sand or hanging in a Lazy Boy), all contribute to the trip. Nature is the best as environment, because psychedelics will cause all kinds of patterns to light up and also increase the intensity of colors. Turn off electronics as much as possible. Certainly no phone during the trip!

Make sure you have a trip sitter with you. That is someone assisting you if the experience gets annoying, but he or she will also accompany you with earthly issues such as sufficient drinking and toilet use.

How Long Does a Trip Take? And When does it start?

Tripping agents each have their own operation. We made a list for you so you can easily compare our tripping agents. Sometimes, the way of intake is decisive for the operation. You can observe below how long it takes before the first effects will take place, and how long a trip lasts:

Trip Smart drug




Nitrous Oxide


0-1 minutes

Up to 5 minutes



20 - 40 seconds

Up to 20 minutes

Salvia Divinorum

Smoking extract

Within 1 to 2 minutes

Up to 1 hour


Sniffing ground seeds

5 - 10 minutes

Up to 1 hour

Salvia Divinorum

Chewing leaves

After 10 - 20 minutes

Up to 2 hour

Magic Truffles / Magic Mushrooms

Eating or making tea

10 - 60 minutes

Up to 8 hour

Peyote Cactus

Eating or making tea

60 - 120 minutes

Up to 8 hour

San Pedro Cactus

Eating or making tea

60 - 120 minutes

Up to 8 hour


Drinking the brew

20 - 60 minutes

Up to 10 hour

Morning Glory (LSA)

Eating seeds

30 - 120 minutes

Up to 10 hour


Postage stamp on the tongue

15 - 30 minutes

Up to 12 hour

The effects of truffles

The best-known, natural smart drugs are Magic Mushrooms. Magic Truffles are the legal alternative to Magic Mushrooms. The subterranean truffles contain, just like the above-ground mushrooms, the substances Psilocybin and Psilocin, which fit like a key in the brain's serotonin receptors. This affects your mood and perspective during 3 to 8 hours. Yet, from your point of view, the magic mushroom trip will appear to last much longer. Psilocybin is also a hallucinogen that gives a new perspective to the world. Your body seems to blend with the environment and everything feels interconnected.

Magic Truffles

Each region has its own psychotropic mushroom, and as such there are many truffle variants. For the most diverse offer in Magic Truffles, we therefore would like to introduce you to our own brand of magic truffles. A selection from our range of psilocybe truffles:


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