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Always in for a good trip, now with natural psychedelics? The products in this category let you trip and get high. You can also buy the famous Magic Truffles here; this is the legal alternative to magic mushrooms. Keep in mind that these food supplements have a strong psychedelic effect!

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Tripping on natural psychedelics. At the Dutch-Headshop you will encounter psychoactive plants and mushrooms from all over the world; from Magic Truffles to Ayahuasca. This category of tripping agents provides you with all resources for an unforgettable trip through your consciousness.

  •     Magic Truffles
  •     Trip-E
  •     Morning Glory seeds
  •     Absinthe
  •     Banisteriopsis Caapi

Serious natural products

Many shamans would be envious of our natural medicine offer. Tough the precise working of the trip products varies, they share one characteristic. The conscious expanding agents will let you experience a different reality. Hallucinations, visions and meeting with strange beings are not ruled out!

The delicious products in this category are all legally available. But that's no reason to doubt the effect of these herbs, truffles and capsules! The wide range of natural products in this category should all be taken very seriously.

The truffles' effects

Truffles are the legal alternative to Magic Mushrooms. The subterranean truffles contain, just like the above-ground mushrooms, the substances Psilocybin and Psilocybe, which fit like a key in the brain's serotonin receptors. This affects your mood and perspective during 3-8 hours. Although; for the outside world, the trip seems to last 3-8 hours. From your point of view, the magic mushroom trip will appear to last much longer. Psilocybin is also a hallucinogen that provides a new perspective to the world. Your body seems to blend with the environment and everything feels interconnected.

McSmart's Truffles

Each region has its own psychotropic mushroom. So there are many truffle variants. For the most diverse offer in Magic Truffles, we therefore would like to introduce you to the top label McSmart. The Dutch-Headshop is the place to buy your truffles, the above-mentioned is just a small selection of psilocybe truffles:

  •     Magic Truffles Atlantis
  •     Magic Truffles Dragon’s Dynamite
  •     Magic Truffles Mexicana
  •     Magic Truffles MushRocks