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CBD Capsules Raw (Endoca) 300 mg 30 capsules


CBD Capsules Raw (Endoca) 300 mg 30 capsules

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Do you want to know about Endoca Raw CBD capsules? Then it is definitely important that you know that they contain 1% to 2% CBDA and 1% CBD. During the production heating has been employed and the acid form of the CBD in the extracts are therefore, well preserved. It favors your entire healthiness and gives your body energy again. Could you also do with some more energy and would you like to improve your health? Try it with these capsules.
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The Endoca Raw CBD capsules contain 1 to 2% CBDA and 1% CBD. Because no heat is used during the production (RAW) the acidic form of CBD is preserved in the extracts (CBDA). Endoca chooses to not heat up the oil and preserves the obtained extracts as Nature intends it.

Benefits of CBDA

  • 30 capsules with 10mg CBD/CBDA each
  • Improves the general health
  • Provides more energy to the body

Certified CBD production process
Endoca has a GMP certification. This means "Good Manufacturing Practice." This certificate means that there is a clear control during the production process. The products are carefully controlled during production. Not only the end product is checked but also each phase of the production process is subject to controls.

Endoca – To measure is to know
Endoca test the products itself on more than 200 pesticides, different bacterias such as listeria and salmonella and fungi. Besides, a third (independent) party also performs tests. This is because they want to distinguish themselves in the high quality of CBD and CBDA offered to the costumer. Endoca works according to the principle 'to measure is to know'.

The hemp plants that Endoca uses for its CBD products are cultivated in Scandinavia, of course without the use of herbicides and pesticides. Endoca, the Danish CBD producer, ensures that its resources belong to the highest and best quality.

CBD capsule is healthy
One can take in the Endoca CBD capsule any time of the day. The Endoca CBD capsule is made of industrial hemp and is thus suitable for every diet. The capsule is made of vegan, easy soluble gel. Through the well-soluble gel the CBD and CBD(A) is easily taken up by the body.

Endoca is a Danish family business with a mission. Because Endoca tests the products itself in a high-tech laboratory, it shows they have a dedication to quality. To be entirely sure that the quality provided is as promised, Endoca also has its products tested by a third party. With this way of working Endoca wants to be a leader in a reliable, European quality standard for CBD products. 

Environment is also important
Endoca want to use the whole hemp plant and they are currently working to make its own packages from the fibers of the plant. This is not only driven by economic but also by environmental considerations.

Contents CBD capsules

  • 1 jar with 30 RAW hemp oil CBD capsules with 10mg CBD + CBDA per pill.
  • Store the Endoca CBD capsules in a cool and dry place.


CBD and CBG are special food supplements to which beneficial properties are attributed. Still, it is important to read both the manual and our disclaimer for safe use.

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Additional Information
SKU 1274
EAN 0638317357175
Price €28.95
Brand Endoca
CBD percentage 1% to 3%
CBD inhoud 300 mg
Composition Capsule
content 30 Capsules
Availability Out of stock

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