Salvia Divinorum Leafs

Salvia Divinorum Leafs
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The Salva Divinorum leaves can be smoked and eaten. This can bring you a great trip. If you take larger amounts you can even experience visions. Each package contains five grams of Salvia leaves. You can use it in two ways. It can either be smoked but you can also chew it. The effect of the trip can be different for each person. If you do not experience the desired effect with the leaves, you can always try the extracts of Salvia Divinorum.
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Salvia Divinorum Leafs come from a plant discovered by the Mazatec Indians many years ago. By smoking or eating Salvia you will get a nice trip. Salvia Divinorum brings you into a dreamy, trip-like state. For large quantities there are trip experiences with visions, time travel and even withdrawals from the body possible.

Content pack Salvia Divinorum Leafs: 5 grams salvia leafs

Use of Salvia
Salvia can be used in two ways; you can smoke it or chew it. With both methods you can achieve a trip effect however the effect may vary per person. If you don’t get the desired effect with the Salvia leaves, then try the extracts.

Smoking Salvia
Smoking salvia is best done in a weed pipe, salvia pipe or bong. It is important that you inhale the smoke deeply and hold it in the lungs for at least 20 seconds; the trip effects occur almost immediately and are relatively short (about several minutes). Smoking Salvia in a joint with tobacco is less effective. We recommend the following dosages when smoking salvia:
Salvia leaves: 0,25 grams - 1 gram
Salvia extract 5x: 0,1 – 0 3 grams
Salvia extract 10x: 0 05 – 0,15 gram

Chewing Salvia
When chewing Salvia, the active substances are absorbed through the mucous membranes. It is important that you chew on salvia for a while and don’t swallow it too quickly. You can chew on salvia for at least 10 minutes; the trip effects occur after 10 to 20 minutes and remain for a bit longer than when it is smoked. When chewing Salvia we recommend the following dosages:
Salvia leaves: 2 grams - 8 grams
Salvia extract 5x: 0,1 ounces (put under your tongue and let sit for 10 minutes)
Salvia extract 10x: 0,1 ounces (put under your tongue and let sit 10 minutes)

When using concentrated extracts, dosage size is at your discretion and experience. We recommend the use of concentrated extracts only if you have experience with Salvia 5x and / or Salvia 10x.

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Salvia Divinorum Information

The plant Salvia Divinorum (ska Pastora) is native to Southern Mexico and contains the powerful psychoactive substance Salvinorin A. The Mazatac indigenous consider the Salvia Divinorum to be a sacred plant. They would chew on the leaves in order to have visions, allowing them to cure others or predict the future. Salvia can be obtained as dry leaves and extracts of different concentrations. These extracts are standardized. This means that a precise amount of Salvinorin A is used, something that can strongly differ in an unfinished extract.

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