Grinder (PenSimple) Storage and Electric Dispenser

Grinder (PenSimple) Storage and Electric Dispenser

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Fill the PenSimple with your favorite herbs and grind and store it. Then, dose your finely ground weed or herbs at the touch of a button. That's all possible with the PenSimple Grinder, Storage and Electric Dispenser. Dosing has never been easier than with the PenSimple. A multifunctional product, known for many its many good qualities. Now available at the Dutch-Headshop!

JAEB Designs

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This excellent PenSimple Grinder, Storage and Electric Dispenser is storage room, grinder and dispenser in one. Discover how to grind, store and electrically dose herbs with this device. The PenSimple is now available at the Dutch-Headshop!

PenSimple features

The PenSimple Grinder, Storage and Electric Dispenser comes with three main functions. The name of this awesome product actually already indicates its most important qualities. First of all, you can store up to 3 grams of your favorite herbs in the PenSimple. Then, before you use the PenSimple, you can crumble your herbs in the grinding chamber. Finally, it allows you to put your herbs into your product in an extremely practical way. With only a simple touch on the button, you can dose in a perfect way with the PenSimple.


The PenSimple offers many qualities for optimal benefits. The important characteristics the product provides, shouldn’t be underestimated. These benefits are listed below.

  • Storage space for as much as 3 grams of herbs
  • Razor sharp teeth to crumble your cannabis into the smallest crumbs
  • A single push of a button to accurately dose
  • Can be used with only one hand to put the herbs where you want them
  • No sticky or dirty fingers when crumbling
  • The PenSimple is leak proof, so the herbs will only escape at the touch of a button

Electrical operation

Dosing your herbs works by pressing the electric button. Easily crumble with the PenSimple by turning the top. The big advantage: sticky fingers is a thing of the past, and you can store up to 3 grams. Perfectly dosing your weed or herbs is possible with the PenSimple.

Quality material

The PenSimple is made of high quality aluminum. This makes it a robust product that lies comfortably in your hand. One of the reasons is the PenSimple is not so heavy. The storage chamber contains a magnet so your herbs won't simply disappear from the storage. Included in the package is a charger so you can use the PenSimple at any time.

Discover the qualities of this unique herb grinder and portable storage chamber in one. After using the PenSimple you will never feel like switching to a different grinder. Order the product at the Dutch-Headshop online, quickly and discreetly.

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