Reishi mushroom tea (FourSigmatic) 1000mg 20 packets

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Reishi mushroom tea (FourSigmatic) 1000mg 20 packets
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This mushroom tea with Reishi is perfect to relax. The Reishi mushroom ensures you will be physically and mentally in balance. Its beneficial effects have been known for a long time. The herbal tea is full of beta-glucans. This power ingredient ensures a strong immune system. Discover the power of medicinal mushrooms for a relaxed feeling and a good night's sleep. In case your body needs relaxation after working, studying or partying hard, the reishi mushroom tea is an ideal product.

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These mushrooms with Reishi tea are delicious to relax with. Discover the power of medicinal mushrooms for a relaxed evening and good night's rest.

The Reishi mushroom helps you to get physically and mentally back into balance. Besides, star anise, mint, brier and stevia has been added to this tea for a delicious tea. A box contains 20 bags, for readymade, aromatic and steaming mushroom herb drink. Each bag contains 30% polysaccharides (15% + beta-glucans) and 2% triterpenes (= the ultimate immune system boost).

Reishi, 'The Queen among the mushrooms'
The Reishi mushroom (Ganoderma ludicum) is known for more than 4,000 years for its wholesome effects. Nowadays, we have access to more and more century old beneficial plants and herbs. Also Reishi has been rediscovered as a medicinal mushroom. The tea contains red Reishi which actually grows on trunks of trees. Directly from nature and full of beta-glucanes, the power ingredient for a very strong immune system.

Your body needs some relaxing and your immune system could use a bit of support after very hard work, studying or partying? Pamper yourself with a cup of steaming Reishi mushroom elixir.

  • Stir a bag in 200ml boiling water.
  • Also suitable for smoothies.
  • Let Reishi do the work and enjoy.

The founders of FourSigmatic, also called the Funguys (what's in a name?) have a passion for medicinal mushrooms. They rediscovered the century old wisdom about the wholesome effects of medicinal mushrooms and frequently went into nature to look for the best species. They believe that these mushrooms can be a super easy addition for a healthy life style. Why use all kinds of supplements and powders when these powerful mushrooms already contain it? To keep it nice and simple, they developed delicious drinks whereby medicinal mushrooms are the key element. The Funguys are also concerned about the world. For each box they sell a part of the revenue goes to donations for cancer patients.


  • 20 bags


  • Reishi extract,
  • star anise,
  • mint extract,
  • brier extract,
  • reb a (stevia extract)

Suitable for vegans and a paleo life style.


* Do not use when pregnant or want to be pregnant or give breastfeeding.


For the use of dietary supplements, it is always important to first read the label. Are you pregnant of breastfeeding? Do not use our dietary supplements. Also read the description for safe use.

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