Terra Grow 1 liter Plagron

Terra Grow 1 liter Plagron
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Of course you want to reap as much benefits as possible of the plant during the growth phase. By using Plagron's Terra Grow you ensure a bio mineral fertilizer. It has been developed for cultivation on land and soil. Furthermore, it stimulates healthy leaf growth and root formation. Universal in use, with all types of potting soil. In total, you receive a liter of Plagron's Terra Grow, delivered per package. Dissolve 5ml per liter of water.

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Terra Grow (1 litre) of Plagron is a liquid highly concentrated bio-based mineral fertilizer to be used in the growing stage of the plant. Terra grow is specially developed for growing in soil. The basis of Terra Grow arose from years of experience with the development of potting compost. Plagron Terra Grow promotes a healthy and carefree leaf growth and root formation. Terra Grow is universal to all types and kinds of potting soil.

Contents: 1 Liter.
Dosage: 1 to 200, so 5 ml dissolved in 1 liter of water.
Usage: Every watering for plant in the growing stage.

Ingredients: N (total nitrogen) 2.6% 1.8% which NO3 and NH4 which 0.75% P2O5 (phosphorus pentoxide) 1.1%, K2O (potassium oxide) 3.3%, Mg (magnesium) 0, 56% Fe (iron) 0.19%, Mn (manganese) 0.0087%, Mo (molybdenum) 0.00037%, Zn (zinc) 0.0048%, Cu (copper) 0.0011% B (Boron) 0.00037%.

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