Pink Lotus [Nelumbo nucifera] Shredded (Herbs of the Gods) 20 grams

Pink Lotus [Nelumbo nucifera] Shredded (Herbs of the Gods) 20 grams
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Chilling out nicely with pink lotus from Herbs of the Gods! You get 20 grammes of lotus flowers from the pink lotus in the packaging. Incidentally, this flower is famous for being the sacred or Indian lotus on account of its powerfully symbolic connection to Buddhism. You can brew a relaxing tea from it before going to bed and it can make your dreams more visual. Would you like to try pink lotus in a vaporizer? Pink lotus works well at a temperature of 100 to 125ºC that makes it pleasantly mild on the throat. You can read about the differences between blue and pink lotus in the product description below.

Herbs of the Gods
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Pink lotus from Herbs of the Gods - Natural relaxant.

  • Relaxing, euphoric and suitable as a dream herb.
  • 20 grammes of lotus flowers from the sacred lotus
  • The quality you’ve come to expect from Herbs of the Gods!

What is Pink Lotus?

The pink lotus goes through life under a variety of names. This can be a bit confusing. Just to be clear: Pink lotus, Indian lotus and sacred lotus are one and the same aquatic plant - Nelumbo nucifera. We keep to the name as shown on the packaging from Herbs of the Gods. 

Pink lotus has a cultural history which is richer than the contents of many a museum. That comes about because the magnificent open flower of this Asiatic waterplant stands as a symbol for enlightenment in Buddhism. That’s because, despite the plant growing in mud and marsh, the flower is always clean and pure.

Effects of Pink Lotus

The flowers, roots, seeds and even the young leaves are all edible but it’s the complete lotus flower which you can buy in the smartshop. Some people use pink lotus to fall asleep more quickly. This is connected with its narcotic effect and with the mild euphoria which can be experienced. ‘Sleep on it’ is a saying that’s very applicable to pink lotus.

Pink lotus contains the active substances lotusine, nuciferine, neferine and dimethyl coclaurine.

Due to its mild effect, pink lotus is usually combined with other smart drugs, wine or cannabis. A couple of blue lotus petals in your joint or vaporizer and the high becomes pleasantly spacey and opium-like. That’s due to the mildly hallucinogenic effect. For the same reasons, it also goes well with Calea (dream herb). People find that dreams become more visual if you take a couple of lotus petals before going to bed.

Differences - Pink Lotus vs. Blue Lotus

Nymphaea caerulea, the blue lotus, is actually a water lily. The blue lotus produces a more euphoric tingling. The pink lotus, a true lotus flower, is neither stronger nor weaker in effect but subtly different.

Dosage for Pink Lotus

You can put pink lotus in a tea infuser and dissolve it in a mug of hot water. Put in as much as fits. Would you like to combine pink lotus with weed? In that case, leave out the tobacco. 50/50 is a good mixing ratio. A weed pipe, bong or pure joint would be OK but we strongly recommend a vaporizer. The components of pink lotus vaporize at between 100 and 125ºC.

Packaging contents

  • 20 grammes of Pink Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) flowers

Herbs of the Gods

Herbs of the Gods collects and sends out special herbs from all corners of the world. The overgrown psychedelic herb garden of Herbs of the Gods contains natural energy generators, aphrodisiacs, psychedelics and herbs for lucid dreams. From ayahuasca to zacatechichi. The garden was created in 1999 and the quality of the herbs and extracts make Herbs of the Gods unrivaled in this segment.

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