iGrowCan Growing Kit - White Widow Automatic

iGrowCan Growing Kit - White Widow Automatic
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You would like to grow a cannabis plant yourself? Then get to know the iGrowcan. In summer, cannabis plants can be placed on the window sill or on the terrace. It's a kind of autoflower. It remains small and will flower automatically. A beautiful all-in-1 set for the starting cannabis grower. You will directly have all necessary tools to grow your own cannabis plant. You receive 2x White Widow Automatic Seeds, organic soil for sowing and cuttings and much more!
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The iGrowcan is a very nice way to start growing a cannabis plant. During the summer the iGrowcan can be placed on a windowsill or terrace. The cannabis strain is auto flowering, will remain small and automatically flourish.

Everything in 1 set for the novice cannabis grower who wants to try growing a cannabis plant. A very nice gift for someone else or for yourself. A giveaway for a happy day!

The cultivation set is easy to use and contains everything you need.

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Contents iGrowcan Grow Set

  • 2 x White Widow Automatic seeds (feminized and automatic flowering)
  • Organic seed and soil cuttings
  • Organic plant nutrition
  • Dosing pipette
  • Instruction manual (Dutch, English and Spanish)

Use of the iGrowcan Grow Set

1: Place the lid under the pot.
2: Moisten the soil and plant the seed 1cm deep.
3: Place the iGrowcan in a warm place with as much light as possible. (15 to 30 degrees)
4: Water the cannabis plant 3 times a week, or more often if the soil is dry.
5: Turn the plant regularly, so that the sunlight is evenly distributed.
6: The plant will grow and flourish after 2 to 3 months, after which it will be ready for harvest.

In the Netherlands and Northern Europe you can start using this set in the months of April, May, June, July or August. If you wish to start at a different time then you will need an additional light source as there will not be enough sunlight.

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This product is exclusively meant for collectors. If we suspect that there is an intention for illegal use of our products, we will refuse the order. We exclusively sell for personal use, purchases for large scale or professional cultivation will be refused. A maximum number of packages per customer applies. It is not allowed to buy several cannabis seeds in a short amount of time.

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