CBD Oil Hemp Seed Oil (Cibdol) 20%

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CBD Oil Hemp Seed Oil (Cibdol) 20%

There are CBD oils and there are exceptional CBD oils. Pure, natural and with an exceptionally high CBD percentage. The CBD oil hemp seed oil 20% by Cibdol is such an exceptional CBD oil. Powerful, effective and with a 20% CBD concentration. At the moment Cibdol is the only producer of CBD oils with such a high CBD percentage. And it does not stop here. Cibdol goes one step further; the have combined CBD's power with hemp seeds. This way, you'll reap the benefits of the many vitamins, amino acids and polyunsaturated fats in the hemp seeds. This Cibdol collection is a true gem. Experience for yourself what this CBD oil hemp seed oil 20% of Cibdol can do for you!

CBD Oil Hemp Seed Oil (Cibdol) 20%

10 ml

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CBD Oil Hemp Seed Oil (Cibdol) 20%

30 ml

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CBD oil of High Quality

CBD oil comes in many shapes and sizes, but an oil with such a high CBD percentage like this one, was earlier simply not available. This makes CBD oil, with 20% hemp seed oil from Cibdol, unique. Yet, Cibdol goes beyond the high CBD percentage. They combined the power of CBD oil with hemp seed oil. As such, this oil also contains beneficial elements from hemp seeds. Furthermore, CBD oil from Cibdol complies with high quality standards. For example, hemp is organically cultivated. Pure nature. Only the best resources are being used for this product. The final product is therefore transparent, gold-colored and pure. Something you will notice in the taste!

10 ml or 30 ml CBD oil with hemp seed oil

You can choose between 10 ml and 30 ml CBD oil:

  • 10 ml is enough for about 200 drops.
  • 30 ml is enough for about 600 drops.

Hemp seed oil

The seeds from the industrial hemp plant are packed with healthy elements.Seeds can be consumed or processed both peeled and unpeeled. In this CBD oil they are pressed into an oil. Hemp seed oil or hemp oil therefore forms the basis of this oil. By using hemp seed oil, this CBD oil contains many beneficial properties for the user. Hemp seeds, for example, are packed with important proteins, vitamins and polyunsaturated fats Omega 3, 6 and GLA (Gamma-Linolic Acid). Furthermore, these seeds are free of gluten.

Take advantage of the many benefits!

Thanks to the high CBD percentage and the range of beneficial ingredients of Hemp seed oil CBD oil, this version of Cibdol is powerful and effective for the user. Experience what these benefits can mean for you.

  • Concentrated CBD oil with a high CBD percentage.
  • CBD, combined with an extraordinary powerful hemp seed, for an oil that contains many beneficial substances.
  • Unique in the (Cibdol) CBD product range.
  • Pure nature.
  • Oil complies with Swiss quality standards.
  • Organically grown CBD.
  • Produced with a precise extraction and filtration process.
  • Support the general health!
  • Free of additives, genetically modified organisms and any other, unwelcome substances that shouldn't be in there.
  • 10 ml and 30 ml bottle options.

Use and dosage

Shake the CBD oil well before use. Watch out you properly tighten the cap on the bottle, to prevent leakage. Drip the CBD oil below the tongue. Let it come into effect for 60 seconds, before swallowing it. You don't like CBD's taste? Drip the oil on a piece of bread or in your yogurt, and then consume it. Use up to three times per day, three to four drops of CBD. When you are new to the world of CBD, we recommend to slowly build up the CBD dose. Have a few days of space between each increase, so you can see how your body responds and what the best dosage is in your case.

Store the CBD oil in a dry, cool and dark place. The fridge is a good place for storage. After opening the oil can still be used during 6 months. Always keep the oil out of the reach of children, of course.

Package contents

  • A robust bottle with pipette.
  • Choose between 30 ml or 10 ml hemp seed oil


Hemp seed oil, CBD, terpenes.

Allergenic information: none.


Cibdol is a Swiss company that produces CBD oil for years now. Apart from capsules, this company also produces high quality CBD oil. This oil is processed in capsules, and is among the very best of the world. Cibdol uses no chemicals during production, so all oils are completely natural. Furthermore, CBD oils from Cibdol are extensively tested in the lab.

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CBD and CBG are special food supplements to which beneficial properties are attributed. Still, it is important to read both the manual and our disclaimer for safe use.

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SKU G-1546-1547
Brand Cibdol
CBD Waarde 20%
CBD percentage > 15%
CBD inhoud Diversen
Composition Oil
Base Oil Hempseed Oil

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