CBD Oil Supreme (CannabiGold) 10%

CBD Oil Supreme (CannabiGold) 10%
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CBD oil from CannabiGold, completely proof to disasters. The bottle cannot break and is impossible to spill. Available in a 10 gram CBD bottle. The 10 gram bottle has about 275 drops. This CannabiGold CBD oil is the first CBD oil on the market that is measured in pure grams of CBD. If you are a fan of CBD oil, this is highly recommended.

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A new sensation: An unbreakable bottle of CBD oil that makes it nearly impossible to spill or leak. This new CBD oil is available in a 10 gram bottle (~275 drops).

Cannabigold CBD oil:

  • 10 gram CBD oil
  • Easy to dose
  • 1 drop Cannabigold is 4mg CBD
  • Certificates are available online
  • Unbreakable bottle recycled plastic

Pure CBD oil
Often we indicate the amount of CBD in our CBD oil in milligrams or a percentage of CBD. This Cannabigold CBD oil is the first CBD oil on the market that is measured in pure grams of CBD. Cannabigold CBD oil is available in two variants, a 10 gram bottle with 1000 mg CBD. 1 drop is 4mg

Revolutionary package
A big advantage of this oil is also its package. A bottle of unbreakable, recycled plastic.  So a well-closing screw cap but not a pipette with which you spill easily on the side. Easily drop and take in the Cannabigold CBD oil with a spoon. Because the pipette is attached to the bottle itself, instead of being part of the cap, spilling is a thing of the past.

Cannabigold CBD oil
The Cannabigold products find their roots in Poland, the place of the organic hemp fields where this pure oil is made from. The product complies of course with the usual applicable EU laws and regulations. The hemp is completely free of pesticides and herbicides.

Also Cannabigold has its batches tested both in-house as well as by a third party. You can find these tests on the website Cannabigold.nl  Cannabigold is a natural product with all the good the hemp plant has to offer.

Use and package
Cannabigold is delivered in a plastic bottle of 10 grams. Preferably save Cannabigold in a dark and cool spot.

You can start with 2x per day 1-2 drops of Cannabigold. You can increase this according to your own insights up to a maximum of 3x10 drops per day.

To avoid problems during shaking, we ALWAYS recommend to tighten the cap firmly before shaking.


CBD and CBG are special food supplements to which beneficial properties are attributed. Still, it is important to read both the manual and our disclaimer for safe use.

Read the disclaimer

Additional Information
Grouped variatie naam 10 gram
SKU 1457
Brand Cannabigold
CBD Waarde 10%
Composition Oil
Base Oil Hempseed Oil
content 10g
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