CBD E-Cigarette Starterset Pen Vaporizer (Harmony)

CBD E-Cigarette Starterset Pen Vaporizer (Harmony)

Enjoy with style, with the E-cigarette Pen Starter Kit by Harmony. A rechargeable e-cigarette you can screw in seconds on your favorite e-liquid flavor. The Pen can be carried in the pocket of your trouser or jacket, without you noticing it. This allows you to enjoy your puff at any place. Will you go for the fresh taste of mint? Or do you prefer the juicy and earthy flavor of OG Kush? Make your choice in our smoking shop. A USB charger is of course included. A real quality product by Harmony, available for ordering discreetly at the Dutch-Headshop!

CBD E-Cigarette Starterset Pen Vaporizer (Harmony)


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CBD E-Cigarette Starterset Pen Vaporizer (Harmony)

OG Kush

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Now discover the qualities of the Pen Vaporizer Starter Kit from Harmony. A stylish e-cigarette, easy to carry in the pocket of your coat or trousers. Easily and quickly chargeable with the included USB charger. Put it on the cartridge and enjoy!


  • Easy to screw onto the cartridge
  • Battery and e-cigarette in one, USB charger included
  • Available in the flavors Mint Hemp and OG Kush
  • Carry along in the pocket of your trouser or jacket

E-liquids in two delicious flavors

These e-liquids by Harmony are available in three delicious flavors. Special about these flavors is they are inspired by the taste of the well-known cannabis strains, though without containing any cannabis themselves. Getting high or stoned on these e-liquids is not possible, though you do absorb the beneficial qualities of CBD.

OG Kush is a love baby of the Chemdawg, Lemon Thai and an Old World Paki Kush, the latter became very popular, especially in the United States. OG stands for Ocean Grown, because OG Kush finds its origin on the sun-drenched coast of California. The juicy taste and characteristic lavender aroma is derived from the terpene linalool, while pinene is behind the pine / earthy flavor of OG Kush.

Mint is reminiscent of the fresh qualities of Vicks Vaporub, without getting very spicy. You get very close when thinking of a fresh Mojito cocktail. Similar cannabis is for example the original Afghan, the AMS and the Top44.


This e-cigarette is of course delivered with a charger. The included charger allows you to easily charge the battery. Screw the Pen onto the USB charger and plug it into your computer or laptop. After charging the Pen in the laptop or computer for a few hours, you can start enjoying your e-cigarette again.

Harmony Cartridge

To continue using the e-cigarette, you of course need new Harmony CBD cartridges. These high-quality e-liquids are also available separately from the Dutch-Headshop, in two different flavors. Go for the fresh taste of mint or the juicy, earthy flavor of OG Kush. The big advantage of these cartridges is you have a new clean mouthpiece every time, and it will last the entire duration of the cartridge.

Use Harmony E-cigarette Pen Starter Kit

Keep in mind your Harmony Pen will be delivered partially charged. Start vaporizing by turning the cartridge onto the battery. This goes very smoothly. Then, simply inhale through the mouthpiece. The end of the Harmony Pen glows during inhaling. It indicates there is enough power for use.

Package contents

  • E-cigarette with usb charger
  • Cartridge with e-liquid


The British company Harmony strives to provide affordable access to cannabinoids. If this increases people's well-being and we live in harmony with nature, Harmony's vision has become reality. At Harmony they use science, nature and entrepreneurial spirit to increase the quality of cannabinoids and make them available to everyone. Harmony products meet stringent quality controls, ensuring you only get the very best products.

Additional Information
SKU G-1449
Brand Harmony
content 1ml
CBD inhoud 100 mg
Composition E-liquid

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