MJ420 Glass Blunt | Telescopic Bullet Pipe (Best Grinder)

MJ420 Glass Blunt | Telescopic Bullet Pipe (Best Grinder)

Do you want to be able to smoke pure weed quickly and at any time? Then take a look at this MJ420 Glass Bunt from Best Grinder. An innovative glass weed pipe that you can always have with you thanks to its compact format. The Telescopic Bullet Pipe is really easy to use. Fill the glass tube with weed and place the cap on it. Then switch between the 6 levels to compress the weed and light your Glass Bunt. If you want to eject the ash, simply change up a gear. Your pure pipe is then readily immediately for the next hit. It couldn’t be easier to smoke pure weed! The MJ420 is available in an unchromed matt black or elegant pink version.

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Glass Blunt Pure Pipe

A small glass weed pipe in the form of a large bullet. Perfect for use as a pure pipe. Look on it as a blunt joint which you always have with you ready to light up. De MJ420 Glass Blunt is super user-friendly. Within a few seconds you’re ready to smoke pure weed. It’s very simple to clean as well. All the components come apart. The glass weed pipe is fitted with several filters which cool the smoke and stop you from ending up with any bits of weed in your mouth. The cap is made from heat-resistant silicon so that your weed pipe can always be extinguished really fast. 


  • MJ420 Pure Pipe made from glass and aluminium 
  • Suitable for smoking pure weed
  • Fully shrunk length: 6.25 cm
  • Fully extended length: 9.25 cm
  • Diameter: 1.7 cm
  • Maximum capacity: ~ 2 grammes of weed or herbs
  • Weight: 35 grammes
  • All components come apart
  • Includes storage case, brush and user guide
  • Colours: matt black or pink

How do you Smoke Weed in the MJ420 Bullet Pipe?

Smoking pure weed has never been so easy. We can explain for you how the MJ420 Glass Bunt works in a few steps:

  1. Look at the six ‘gears’ on the side of the pure pipe. Fully extend the glass tube by switching to the bottom gear and remove the silicon cap.
  2. Fill the glass tube completely with weed and replace the cap.
  3. Now switch back up. You will notice that the weed is compressed into a slightly more solid lump. 
  4. Remove the cap and light up to start smoking pure weed from your MJ420.
  5. Has a layer of weed been burnt up? Change a gear and the ash / burnt-through weed will drop out of the pipe. 
  6. You can now choose whether to continue smoking or give the pipe a rest. Do you want to stop the weed from burning? The silicon top is heat-resistant. You can simply do it up while the weed is still burning.
  7. Finished? Dismantle the pipe and clean it immediately. This will allow you to keep on enjoying the pipe in an optimal way and save you a lot of laborious cleaning work.

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Additional Information
BrandBest Grinder
Dimensions6,25 x 2,3 cm
MaterialAnodized Aluminum

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