Torch Lighter Jet Burner (Formula)

Torch Lighter Jet Burner (Formula)
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In case you are looking for a good lighter, go for the Formula's Jet lighter. The lighter is suitable for smokers who value proper smoking gear. The Formula lighter will allow evaporation or vaporization. This can be done with the gas burner setting, but also with the normal flame. Easy to use, without getting your thumb burned. You can control the flame on the lighter yourself. This way you can use this product as a ‘normal lighter’, Jet lighter or Torch lighter. Experience the benefits for you by choosing this jet lighter.



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This gaslighter is for the smoker who appreciates good smoking supplies. This sturdy and multifunctional Formula Torch Lighter can be adjusted to a Jet- or Torch lighter, but also a normal lighter. If you want to enjoy your bong, and use your lighter without burning your thumb because the lighter piping gets hot, then this is definitely the lighter for you.

Benefits of the Formula Torch Lighter

  • Sturdy gaslighter
  • Adjustable flame: normal, jet or torch
  • Adjustable in strength
  • Works under all weather conditions
  • In wind and rain
  • Provided with lock
  • Delivered in a stylish box
  • Refillable with butane gas or gaslighter filling

Adjustable Flame

The flame of the Torch Lighter is adjustable and has a clear blue flame and a large yellow flame. The blue flame is produced during complete combustion and has a high temperature, no black sooty deposits. The blue flame is ideal when using vaporizers which need to be manually heated, for example: the Vaponic and Eagle Bill Shake & Vape vaporizers.


The Torch Lighter is fitted with a lock so that it can only be lit when required. Ideal by the preparation of a crème brûlée. Additionally, the lock also functions as child-lock.


The shank where the flame comes out is collapsible and adjustable in height. In addition, the lighter flame can be set to hard or soft by means of a rotary knob at the bottom.


This super lighter is refillable with butane gas or gas lighter fluid. The Formula Jet lighter is a wonderful, luxury lighter which comes in a nice sturdy box. Also nice as a gift.

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