Ice-O-Lator small indoor

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Ice-O-Lator small indoor
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The Ice-O-Lator is available in a small version and therefore very suitable for indoor use. The inner bag measures 220 mc and the outer bag measures 70 mc. This allows to easily separate the precious crystals of the indoor growing cannabis from the plant. You can put a total of 200 grams of plant material in the bags. The temperature should be right above freezing point, which is the best for using the Ice-O-Lator. You also like to use this? Buy it now!


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The Ice-O-Lator indoor

The Ice-O-Lator indoor is equipped with a 220 micron and a 70 micron screen, and thus the perfect system to save the precious crystals from your indoor cannabis plant material. These bags are suitable for 200 grams of plant material.

Pure water and ice extraction method

The Ice-o-Lator is a simple and pure water and ice extraction method. The use of a double screen guarantees a very pure end product, dust particles and plant waste will stay behind in the water. The key of the Ice-o-Lators process is a water temperature of just above zero (centigrade).


Size: Small
Model: Indoor (plant material)
Inner bag: 220 mc
Outer bag: 70 mc

Recommended accessories (not supplied):

  • Use a kitchen sieve to loosen up the, so they can dry well (instead of becoming smelly and mouldy).
  • Use a thermometer to get the optimal temperature for Ice-O-Lating.

Explanation of the different screen sizes:

  • 220 micron will let larger (i.e. indoor plant material) crystals / glands through, to catch dirt and twigs.
  • 185 micron will let smaller (i.e. outdoor plant material) crystals / glands through, to catch dirt and twigs.
  • 90 micron catch only the very biggest crystals / glands (thus containing least cellulose, but will contain highest amount of active ingredients).
  • 70 micron will catch all large crystals / glands (i.e. indoor plant material).
  • 45 micron will catch all smaller and larger crystals / glands (i.e. outdoor plant material).
  • 38 micron will catch the finest crystals / glands, active ingredients is still worth it.
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