Body Care

Delicious creams and wonderful ointments to combat itching, rash or a tired skin: CBD's beneficial properties are excellent for natural beauty.

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  1. CBD cream (Jacob Hooy) 50ml

    CBD Cream (Jacob Hooy) 50ml

    You surely want to enjoy this delicious CBD ointment from Jacob Hooy. This ointment hydrates the dry, delicate, but also mature skin. It ...
  2. CBD Cream (Medi-Wiet) 25ml

    CBD Cream (Medi-Wiet) 25ml

    With this CBD Ointment of the Non-profit organization Medical Marijuana (Stichting Medi-Wiet), you choose a natural product. A special ...
  3. CBD Skin Oil (Jacob Hooy) 100 ml

    CBD Skin Oil (Jacob Hooy) 100ml

    Would you like a flexible and smooth skin? This is possible thanks to the CBD skin oil from Jacob Hooy. The oil will allow you to once ...
  4. Beneficial CBD Balsam (Hemptouch) 50 ml

    Beneficial CBD Balsam (Hemptouch) 50 ml

    Beneficial CBD balsam from Hemptouch is a unique CBD ointment. This ointment combines the power of hemp with vitamin E, mango and ...

  5. Calming CBD Balm (Hemptouch) 50 ml

    Calming CBD Balm (Hemptouch) 50 ml

    Are you about to purchase calmative CBD balsam from Hemptouch? Good choice. This CBD ointment is a 100% natural cream for the skin. A ...

  6. CBD Lip balm (Jacob Hooy)

    CBD Lip Balm (Jacob Hooy)

    Jacob Hooy's product range in the field of CBD products continues to grow. A CBD lip cream has now been put on the market and you can ...
  7. Balancing Face Cream (Hemptouch) 50 ml

    Balancing Face Cream (Hemptouch) 50 ml

    Do you want to buy Facial Crème with CBD? Then we have the perfect deal for you: Balancing Facial Crème from Hemptouch. It is a ...

  8. CBD Soap (Jacob Hooy) 120ml

    CBD Soap (Jacob Hooy) 120ml

    The Herb Vaporizer portable cartridge is a separate cartridge for herbs. Suitable for the Herb Vaporizer Evolution, for example. The ...
  9. Nourishing Facial Cream (Hemptouch) 50ml

    Nourishing Facial Cream (Hemptouch) 50ml

    Do you want to buy a facial cream containing CBD? Then the nourishing facial cream from Hemptouch is right for you! This facial cream ...

  10. Gentle Hydrolate Shampoo (Hemptouch) 250 ml

    Gentle Hydrolate Shampoo (Hemptouch) 250 ml

    Nowadays, shampoo is everything but natural. Unknowingly we put quite a bit of chemicals and parabens in our hair. Now, with the Mild ...

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Body care is incredibly important. After all, you only have one body. At the Dutch-Headshop we would like to help you with our quality products. With high-quality ointments and creams, we can offer help for almost any type of desire of complaint concerning the body.

Use and operation

It is of course important to know how, and to what extent you can use the products for optimal body care. All products in our product range can be used on a daily basis. Most products can even be applied to the skin at several moments during the day. Of course this also depends on your own preference. Probably, in case of severe complaints, the desire to use a product is bigger when comparing it to less severe complaints.

The effect of each product is different. The main purpose of most products is, however, to improve or restore the irritated, sensitive and dry skin. What counts is that you can enjoy again a smooth and even skin. Of course there are specific complaints that can be treated with our products. Diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, diaper rash and hemorrhoids can all be alleviated with one or several body care products.


There are many kinds of products to properly take care of your body. Each person has its own wishes or complaints and therefore it is important you choose the right product. Our products have a number of benefits that make them unique.

  • All body care products are 100% natural.
  • The products do not stain and won't color your clothing.
  • The products' nutrients are all beneficial to your skin. The substances are not harmful and only have positive effects on your skin.
  • All products can be used daily.
  • All body care products are suitable for any type of skin.
  • And, not unimportant, all products are for sale at an affordable price.

CBD supports body care

Many body care products also contain CBD. CBD provides beneficial effects to the body and offers a solution to a variety of complaints. Rest assured, it does not contain psychoactive substances. CBD only has a beneficial effect on the health.

The very best for your body

Many products are suitable for use for a variety of body parts, but some products are specifically designed for a particular part of the body. There is for example lip balm, shampoo, foot cream and facial cleaner, all intended for a specific part of the body.


The hemp seed oil contained in almost all body care products is a source of vitamins, minerals and other beneficial nutrients. These nutrients are very suitable for treating the skin. The hemp seed oil contains plentiful important oils, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that are beneficial to skin and hair. The essential fatty acid profile of hemp seed oil shows strong similarities with the skin and helps to protect against the influences of weather and diseases.


With a wide range of body care products, there of course different brands. Listed below are all ointment, cream and oil brands.

  • Hemptouch
  • Extravaganja
  • Jacob Hooy
  • Endoca
  • Medi-wiet (Medical Marijuana)

Order Dutch Headshop's body care right away, easily and quickly. Ordered today, sent today!


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