Volcano Vaporizer Classic

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Volcano Vaporizer Classic
The Volcano Vaporizer Classic is a decent electric weed vaporizer. It is a high quality product and if you want the best, this is your product. The herbs will be evaporated (not burnt). It is healthier than smoking weed. It provides a better taste and the effect is more intense. The product has been tested and certified for safety, is durable, has a beautiful finish and the temperature can be set between 130 and 230 degrees Celsius.
Storz & Bickel
Volcano Vaporizer Classic

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The Volcano vaporizer Classic is a beautiful electric weed vaporizer. The Volcano vaporizer is made in Germany and has been on the market since the nineties. This vaporizer is of very high quality so if you want the best, you should definitely buy the Volcano.

With a vaporizer, herbs are evaporated, not burned. There is no combustion when weed is evaporated so it is healthier than smoking. When vaporized, you can really taste the true flavour of the weed and the effects are more intense.

The Volcano Classic has the following advantages:

  • Tested and certified for safety
  • Adjustable temperature between 130 and 230 degrees Celsius
  • Very robust and durable
  • Nice finish and stylish design
  • 3 years warranty

The materials used in the Volcano Classic were carefully selected to be odourless and food safe. Only with the use of high quality materials can the vapour from vaporizers remain pure and clean. Volcano vaporizers are renowned for producing very clean and flavoursome vapour.

The Volcano Classic comes with the following components:

  • 1 Volcano hot air generator
  • Choice of Easy Valve or Solid Valve system (explained in the section below)
  • Including balloon(s) (depending choice Easy or Solid Valve system)
  • 6 screens
  • Cleaning brush
  • Metal sponge for vaporizing hash, oils or extracts
  • Grinder
  • Dutch and English manual
  • The Volcano Vaporizer has a European plug and works on 220V only

Easy Valve or Solid Valve
There are two systems you can use to link the balloons to the volcano. At the bottom you will find information in an article on the difference between the Easy Valve and the Solid Valve balloon systems. Whatever choice you make, the vaporizer is the same, only the coupler and the balloons are different.

Stop smoking weed
The Volcano is also used by people who are used to smoking cannabis or hashish but want to stop. The effect of weed when inhaled with a vaporizer is different, but more or less comparable to smoking weed, however without the harmful effects of combustion. Additionally, when using the Volcano vaporizer, you are significantly less bothered by the smell.

Additional Information
SKU G-0324
Brand Storz & Bickel
Inhale Balloon
Method Hot Air
Temperature Adjustable
Portable Vaporizer No

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