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Eagle Bill Shake & Vape vaporizer

Eagle Bill Shake & Vape vaporizer
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You would like to vaporize herbs with a lighter? Go for the Eagle Bill Shake & Vape vaporizer. This is a simple version of the Vaporizer. You can now vaporize your herbs and the only thing you need to do is putting a lighter below it. The vapor coming out is somewhat milder and will not cause irritation to the respiratory tract. You can best use the Torch Deluxe as lighter, to prevent the glass getting black.

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The Eagle Bill vaporizer, is the most basic version of a vaporizer, it is a simple portable vaporizing pipe. Simply heat the pipe with a lighter, wait for the damp and inhale.

A vaporizer is different from other smoking devices. Your herb is gently heated to the point where active ingredients are vaporized and released but never reaches combustion temperature. Needed is a thermic source, an instrument which produces a temperature of 180 to 300 C. This will heat the herbs, vaporize it and cool, filter and store the vapor. The taste of the damp is very mild, and will not irritate the longs.

We encourage you to use a Torch de Luxe lighter with the Eagle Bill Shake & Vape vaporizer. When using the Hyper Torch Luxe gas lighter, the glass will not turn black. This lighter will also continue to burn through a Lock button. The Hyper Torch de Luxe lighter is for sale here in our head shop.


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SKU 0323
Availability In Stock
Brand Kulu
Inhale Direct
Method Direct with Heatcup
Temperature Fixed
Portable Vaporizer Yes