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Pipe Cleaner / Brush Bong 210 mm

Pipe Cleaner / Brush Bong 210 mm
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With the water pipe brush, you can keep your own mouthpiece, water pipe, tobacco pipe, bong or vaporizer clean. By using this brush you can also brush and clean the inner side of your smoke attributes.A pipe cleaner may not be missed when you smoke regularly! The total length is 210 mm, the length of the brush is 80 mm and the diameter is 5 mm. This brush is therefore useful for the smallest spaces. Extend the life of your water pipe or bong so to preserve the nice taste. By cleaning it on time, it all just depends on you!

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Pipe cleaner

This is a brush for your tobacco pipe, bong, weed pipe or vaporizer. Using the brush you can also brush inside your smoke attributes and clean them. This brush is an indispensable tool for the regular user. All the bits that get left over after smoking can be easily removed using this.

Pipe cleaner features:

  • Total length: 210 mm
  • Length Brush: 80 mm
  • Diameter: 5 mm

Cleaning the pipe is important

Cleaning your weed pipe, bong or vaporizer is important for taste and longevity. Through regular cleaning, the taste of your smoking products remains pure. The product will also last longer.

Need help to clean your bong, water pipe, weed pipe or vaporizer? In addition to brushes / pipe cleaners, use this Cleaner. Environmentally friendly cleaning alcohol which will remove the most stubborn dirt.

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