Funguys Ashtray

Funguys Ashtray
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Are you fed up with bog-standard style ashtrays? This Funguys Ashtray injects a bit of life into the proceedings. As well as being a functional ashtray, the projecting shroom shape makes it an amusing decoration for the house. Fun for you and anyone visiting. The ashtray has 2 slots so you can put your joint down if you want. What’s more it’s made from durable and heat-resistant material making it no trouble to clean. Make smoking cigarettes and joints more fun with the Funguys Ashtray!

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Funguys Ashtray

A nicely functional ashtray with a great look. That’s the best way to describe this Funguys Ashtray. While you’re enjoying your joint or cigarette, you can flick the ash into this great ashtray. The ashtray is small and good-looking making it more of an ornament in your house than a necessity. Thanks to the 2 slots in the ashtray, you can just put your joint down in it when you don’t feel like smoking any more. Don’t you think this Funguys Ashtray is a lot nicer than a boring bog-standard ashtray with no character?


  • Small and functional ashtray
  • Cool look
  • 2 slots
  • Durable and heat-resistant material
  • Nice decoration for the house

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