Erection Pil (King Active)

Erection Pil (King Active)

Surprise your partner with better sexual performance with these excellent King Active erection pills. King Active is the natural erection pill with a variety of essential properties for boosting your sex life to new heights. Enjoy having more energy, a harder erection and more intense orgasms during a long evening of pleasure. King Active consists of natural ingredients. The capsule is easy to take in with a glass of water or fruit juice. Want to buy King Active? That's possible at the Dutch-Headshop. Available in a box with 2 or 5 capsules.

King Active BV
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King Active

You would like longer and better sex? This is the natural erection pill you are looking for. King Active has many advantages for excellent performance in bed. Order King Active erection pills quickly and discreetly online at the Dutch-Headshop!


  • Supports erection and sexual performance
  • Beneficial influence on blood circulation
  • Boosts your energy level
  • Aphrodisiac
  • More intense orgasms

Did you know that there are also libido-enhancing capsules for women? Combine King Active with Queen Active and have a fantastic adventure together!

Increases your sexual performance

The King Active erection pill is particularly suitable for enhancing your sexual performance. The product is a tool to extend the time till you reach an orgasm and it makes it easier to get an erection. King Active has a positive influence on your blood circulation so you have increased control over your erection and you can enjoy sex longer. Your partner will be positively surprised when you try this erection pill.

Powerful and natural herbs

King Active is made of natural ingredients. The herbs in the capsule are quite powerful, so you can optimally reap the benefits of this product. King Active is, like most erection enhancers, produced in Asia. The capsules have been thoroughly tested in an SGS laboratory. As such, you can speak of a quality product.

Use of King Active

A capsule is easy to take in with a glass of water or fruit juice. The first effects of King Active can be felt after about 30 minutes. The capsules can last for up to 72 hours. The recommended dose is therefore one capsule per three days. Don't exceed the recommended dosage and keep the product out of the reach of children. King Active can be used in combination with alcohol, though it is important to consume alcohol in moderation.

Available in 2 or 5 capsules

King Active capsules are available in boxes of 2 or 5 capsules. The 2-capsule box is suitable for getting to know King Active for the first time. With the 5-capsule box you’ll be sure on the other hand of having a number of night’s extra pleasure in bed. Do you want to enjoy the effect of King Active during several sex sessions? Then it’s more convenient and economical to purchase a box of 5 capsules.


Siberian Ginseng 125 mg, Panax Ginseng 100 mg, Jujube Extract 50 mg, Wild Yam 50 mg, Tribulus Terrestris 125 mg, Maca 50 mg, Microcrystalline Cellulose 50 mg.

King Active BV

Products from King Active BV belong with the best sex medicines which are produced in a natural way. Medicines from King Active are very popular and have been available on the market for many years, viagra. The natural and powerful herbs in the capsules ensure that King Active’s products work outstandingly well without bothering you with tiresome side effects.

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