Cones King-Size Brown Joint Tubes (Futurola) 109 mm 1000 pieces


Cones King-Size Brown Joint Tubes (Futurola) 109 mm 1000 pieces
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Now you can use the standard joint cones from the Dutch superbrand Futurola but with unbleached brown paper! These are the standard King-Size Cones at 109 mm long. Ideal for those people who don’t want to roll or can’t. With a box of 1,000 pieces you won’t have to worry about this any more. They’re really easy to fill. That means you can make a pre-rolled joint in next to no time and start smoking all the sooner. The paper is unbleached, 100% organic and contains no additives. The cones can be used in filling systems like the Jointfiller 25, Joint-4 Jointmaker or Cone Artist! What more could you want?



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Brown, Unbleached Cones

Futurola cones made from brown rolling paper. Your familiar King-Size format, fine filter tip, top-quality, ultra-thin rolling paper and convenient usage all in a single product. They burn nice and evenly and slowly, are easy to fill and will not crease or split. The tips are perfect as well. You won’t get any bits of weed or tobacco in your mouth. And with the brown paper you’re getting a 100% organic product too. Awesome, right?

Large Pack of Joint Cones

Now available in a giga-pack of 1,000 pieces. Handy if you want to avoid having to buy rolling paper, tips or cones for the foreseeable future. It would also make a great gift for your best stoner friend. Or you could share this extra-large box with your friends, perhaps? The possibilities are unlimited. Take advantage of this extra-economical bulk buy!

Specifications Brown Joint Cones:

  • Large pack of joint cones from Futurola
  • Easy to use
  • Reliable Dutch manufacturer
  • Number of cones per pack: 1000
  • Cone format: 109 mm
  • Filter tip format: 21 mm
  • Unbleached paper: Yes
  • For use in the filling systems of Joint-4 Jointmaker, Jointfiller 25, Cone Artist or one of the other cone fillers

About Futurola

Futurola is a Dutch smoking brand which originated in the coffee-shop culture in Amsterdam. This family business, founded by brother and sister Brandenburg, develops all the possible accessories any coffee shop needs. As well as its characteristic long rolling paper, Futurola makes joint rollers, grinders, filter tips, cones and whole lot more. All products are designed, developed and produced in-house. This enables one of the Netherlands’ biggest smoking brands to provide high-quality products at low prices with no intermediaries involved.

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Additional Information
AvailabilityDelivery in 1 week
Size109 mm
Length Filter tip21mm

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