CBD Paste

CBD paste is a strong and thick concentrate that is perfect to take in a larger amount of CBD. Made from natural industrial hemp and developed in a completely organic way. CBD paste contains many healthy nutrients and thanks to supercritical CO2 extraction processes all valuable ingredients from the hemp plant are preserved. Via the handy syringe you can easily dose the CBD paste.

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What is CBD Paste?

CBD pasta, as well as CBD oil, is made from natural industrial hemp. It is often used to take larger amounts of CBD. Paste is a very concentrated form of CBD and thicker then CBD oil. The pasta is developed in a completely organic way. It contains, besides CBD and CBDA, other terpenes such as CBC and CBN as well. Naturally, CBD paste is free of THC, herbicides and pesticides. It has no psychoactive effect.

Properties of CBD Paste:

  • beneficial influence on general health;
  • made from organically grown hemp;
  • contains a high concentration of CBD;
  • contains, besides CBD, many natural nutrients as well;
  • a strong and thick concentrate.

How to Use CBD Paste?

The CBD paste is usually supplied with a handy syringe. With this syringe you take CBD paste in the most responsible way. Via the syringe you can dose the paste well and you will prevent taking a too high dose of CBD directly. Spray the paste under the tongue and swallow it after about a minute. Check per product what the recommended dose is.

Differences CBD Pasta and CBD Oil

Although in both pasta and oil it is all about the CBD, there are differences between these two forms. As indicated earlier, CBD paste is a stronger and thicker concentrate than CBD oil. CBD paste often contains a larger amount of CBD than CBD oil. For example, you can expect percentages up to 10% for oil. Pastes, on the other hand, contain 20% to 30% CBD. In addition, CBD paste is used in a different way. CBD oil is in a pipette bottle with which you can drip the oil in the mouth. CBD paste on the other hand, is taken with the help of a syringe.

Much More than Just CBD Paste

For lovers of CBD pasta we have a number of fine products in our range. Endoca, as a producer of CBD pasta, has ensured that there is enough choice for this form of CBD. Various CBD products, with different quantities, but of the same quality. View which CBD product suits you best in our range!

Endoca: Producer of CBD Paste

A producer of known CBD pasta is Endoca. Endoca is a Danish family business. The company has a healthy mission in mind and wants to provide all users of CBD with high-quality, natural products. Endoca uses a supercritical CO2 extraction process so that all valuable components of the hemp plant are retained. It is the purest way to extract the cannabinoids from hemp. The products are extensively tested in their own high-tech lab.

Whatever CBD paste you order, we can wholeheartedly recommend you to try CBD pasta once!


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