Hemptouch CBD Creams and Ointments

CBD ointment, CBD cream or hemp facial cleaner? Hemptouch has it! Hemptouch specializes in CBD products for the sensitive skin. They offer a wide range of quality products with certified and natural ingredients. The main ingredient for all products is, of course, hemp.

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  1. CBD Oil (Hemptouch) 5% 10 ml

    CBD Oil (Hemptouch) 5% 10 ml

    Meet 5% CBD oil from Hemptouch - Amber Hemp Drops. The amber-colored, 100% natural oil is obtained through supercritical CO2 ...

  2. Beneficial CBD Balsam (Hemptouch) 50 ml

    Beneficial CBD Balsam (Hemptouch) 50 ml

    Beneficial CBD balsam from Hemptouch is a unique CBD ointment. This ointment combines the power of hemp with vitamin E, mango and ...

  3. Balancing Face Cream (Hemptouch) 50 ml

    Balancing Face Cream (Hemptouch) 50 ml

    Do you want to buy Facial Crème with CBD? Then we have the perfect deal for you: Balancing Facial Crème from Hemptouch. It is a ...

  4. Calming CBD Balm (Hemptouch) 50 ml

    Calming CBD Balm (Hemptouch) 50 ml

    Are you about to purchase calmative CBD balsam from Hemptouch? Good choice. This CBD ointment is a 100% natural cream for the skin. A ...

  5. Nourishing Facial Cream (Hemptouch) 50ml

    Nourishing Facial Cream (Hemptouch) 50ml

    Do you want to buy a facial cream containing CBD? Then the nourishing facial cream from Hemptouch is right for you! This facial cream ...

  6. CBD Spray (Hemptouch) 1,5% 20 ml

    CBD Spray (Hemptouch) 1,5% 20 ml

    Dosing CBD is very easy with the CBD Spray from Hemptouch. Leakproof closure, easy to carry and available in four delicious flavors: ...


  7. Purifying Face Cleanser (Hemptouch) 100 ml

    Purifying Face Cleanser (Hemptouch) 100 ml

    Are you looking for a natural facial cleanser with hemp? Then try the purifying facial cleanser of Hemptouch. It is a 100% natural ...

  8. Gentle Hydrolate Shampoo (Hemptouch) 250 ml

    Gentle Hydrolate Shampoo (Hemptouch) 250 ml

    Nowadays, shampoo is everything but natural. Unknowingly we put quite a bit of chemicals and parabens in our hair. Now, with the Mild ...

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Hemptouch = Skin care products

CBD comes in all shapes and sizes, but unique to Hemptouch is, without a doubt, their passion for the skin. All their CBD products have been developed to support the skin. Their CBD product range includes: 

  • CBD ointment
  • CBD cream
  • CBD nourishing facial cream
  • Hemp facial cleanser
  • Lip balm
  • Hemp Shampoo & Shower Gel
  • CBD spray
  • CBD oil

The story of Hemptouch

From the green heart in Slovenia, Hemptouch was founded. A small company with a great passion for hemp plants and the skin. The founders of Hemptouch had a sensitive skin, the reason why they perfectly understand the needs of people with sensitive skins. As such, they only produce CBD skin care products from high-quality ingredients. 

Hemp plants under own management

Hemptouch’s skin care products are made from organic hemp plants, from which they make hemp seed oil. These hemp plants are taken care of personally, and are manually harvested by Hemptouch. This way Hemptouch ensures high quality hemp plants. More pure, is hardly possible!

Hemp seed oil is the main ingredient of Hemptouch Products

Of all CBD creams, CBD ointments and personal trainers, the main ingredient is hemp seed oil. The hemp seed oil is made from Hemptouch's own hemp plants. Pure nature! Hemptouch coldly presses the hemp with its own press, after which the oil is stored unrefined. There were good reasons for choosing hemp seed oil. Hemp oil is packed with important antioxidants and omega fatty acids.

Skin Care Products from a variety of Ingredients

As mentioned earlier, the Hemptouch brand is focused on the sensitive skin. To fulfill the needs of sensitive skins, a variety of ingredients are used for producing the CBD ointment and CBD cream. All ingredients are certified and have a verified origin. Except for the hemp oil. Hemp oil is made by Hemptouch itself. The other ingredients Hemptouch uses in its various products: 

  • Clove
  • Sage
  • St John's wort
  • Damask Rose
  • Wintergreen 
  • Geranium 
  • Lemon
  • Chamomile 
  • Azulene 
  • Coconut butter
  • Calendula oil

Handy Packaging 

All Hemptouch products are delivered in convenient packaging. From robust jars containing all the ointments, to handy squeeze bottles for more liquid products. The packaging come with a sturdy lid, making it easy to bring along your Hemptouch products without the problem of leaking.

You would like to try CBD cream or CBD cream from Hemptouch? 

Have a look at our product range. You have doubts about which CBD ointment or CBD cream is suitable your skin? Or you have any other questions? Please contact our customer service. They are very pleased to help you. Simply send us a WhatsApp, e-mail or give us a call. You can be sure we will answer within two hours.


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