CBD Oil Raw (Medihemp) 2,5%

CBD Oil Raw (Medihemp) 2,5%
Go now for the popular RAW CBD oil with CBD, CBDA, CBN and CBG. The product is now available in a 30ml bottle. True pure CBD oil from organic hemp. There may be a volume advantage due to a larger bottle. It contains approximately 750 drops and no chemical additives. Enjoy of the effects which CBD oil will bring you and order today! You will definitely not regret it.
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Raw CBD Oil 2.5%
The flowers and buds are used in the production process. The raw materials are never heated and it's for this reason that, apart from CBD, extra cannabinoids such as CBDA, CBN, CBV, CBG, terpenes, phenols and flavonoids are present in the Raw CBD Oil.

Choose from 10 ml and 30 ml

You can choose from a 10 ml or 30 ml bottle. A total of 250 mg CBD plus CBDA is contained in a single 10 ml bottle. A bottle of 30 ml contains three times as much: 750 mg. 10 ml of CBD oil is good for approximately 250 drops and 30 ml for ~ 750 drops.

Taste and effect
This CBD oil from MediHemp consists of a good 2.5% CBD(A), with healthy hemp seed oil. The taste of this CBD oil is bitter and sharp because the whole flower is used in the production process.

Traditional hemp cultivation
We want to stay far away from chemical additions and cultivate our hemp 100% organically on self-owned arable fields in Burgenland Austria. Of course, no pesticides and artificial fertilizers are used for the development of the crops. Hemp plants are still traditionally hand-selected and harvested.

Modern techniques
The most modern techniques are used for the production of CBD and CBDA. This allows that valuable components from both hemp and seeds are preserved.

Health comes first
The hemp seed oil is produced organically and cold. This way, the healthy and premium essential components are preserved in the hemp seed oil. The components are, among others:

  • Hemp proteins
  • Carotene
  • Vitamin B
  • Vitamin E
  • Minerals
  • Omega 3 fatty acids
  • Omega 6 fatty acids
  • CO2 extraction

The hemp flowers and buds are carefully extracted in a cold state with modern CO2 techniques. This way, the oil is rich in a range of cannabinoids, such as:

  • CBD
  • CBDA
  • CBC
  • CBN
  • CBV
  • CBG
  • Also the valuable pigments, terpenes and phenols from hemp contribute to the healthy composition of this CBD oil.

CBD food supplement
This CBD food supplement improves the mental and physical health and supports the immune system.

Shake well before use and store in a cool, dry place. Shelf life after opening: 1 year.

Use Raw CBD Oil 2.5%:
The right dose varies from person to person. Start with 3 drops in the morning. According to your needs, the dosage can be increased with 1 drop or you can increase the frequency of intake. Maximum 2x 15 drops per day. With normal use no negative side-effects are known.

EU certified
MediHemp is the only producer in Europe that is completely organically certified. MediHemp is a young, ambitious company from Austria. Both the organic hemp seed oil as well as the CBD extract comes from hemp plants that grow in in the sunny state of Burgenland.

For the composition of their products, MediHemp wants to take advantage of all the benefits from the hemp plant. On beautiful arable fields they exclusively cultivate industrial hemp plants. The hemp seeds have not been subject to gen technology.

Nature is beautiful, but different each day.
We cultivate our hemp in a 100% organic way, without the use of chemical pesticides. These are organic products developed by Mother Nature herself. Because we have no influence on this, sometimes there are small differences in taste, smell or color. The quantity of active substances in all our products is indicated on the package after testing each batch.

The information on this page about the use of cannabinoids (CBD) is meant to help people choose when they want to use cannabis as self-medication. Our explicit advice is to ALWAYS first consult your DOCTOR. We do not make any medical claims and the information on this page is not meant to diagnose, treat or heal a disease.


CBD and CBG are special food supplements to which beneficial properties are attributed. Still, it is important to read both the manual and our disclaimer for safe use.

Read the disclaimer

Additional Information
SKU G-1276-1298
Price 15.5
Brand Medihemp
CBD percentage 1% to 3%
Composition Oil
content 10ml en 30 ml

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