CBD Oil Olive Oil (Medihemp) 6% 10 ml

CBD Oil Olive Oil (Medihemp) 6% 10 ml
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Unique: CBD oil from Medihemp with a 1:1 ratio between CBD and CBDa. A 10 ml bottle contains ~280 mg CBD and ~320 mg CBDa. In addition to the CBD/CBDa raatio, this oil is produced in a completely natural way using olive oil. Experience now for yourself what this CBD oil can do for you. Now extra-competitively priced!



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A product straight from nature

The CBD oil 6% from Medihemp is a product straight from nature. This oil is made from industrial hemp. Medihemp has fields full of hemp plants in Austria where farmers lovingly care for the plants and harvest them by hand. All without the use of artificial fertilizers or chemical pesticides, of course. Truly 100% natural.

Why use the CBD oil 6% from Medihemp? 

  • Full to the brim with vital vitamins, minerals, enzymes and cannabinoids 
  • Approximately 250 drops of CBD oil (in a 10 ml bottle)
  • As well as CBD, this oil has all the goodness of olive oil
  • A natural taste
  • 6% CBD, of which ~280 mg CBD and ~320 mg CBDa.
  • Good price/quality ratio

Why is cannabidiol acid (CBDa) important? 

An almost 1:1 ratio between CBD and CBDa sounds good to the ear. But why is CBDa (or cannabidiol acid) so important? Let’s start by asking the question: what is CBD? CBD is obtained from legal fiber hemp; the same plant used for making cords, building materials and even clothing for many hundreds of years. Besides, hemp is a powerful plant to which supporting characteristics for body and mind are attributed. Cannabidiol, the complete name of CBD, is praised for its versatility and deserves a place of honor among the superfoods.

Just so you know, CBD induces no psychoactive effects. Therefore, you will not get high or stoned on CBD. CBD products from the Dutch-Headshop are completely legally available.

Pure olive oil

The base oil of this CBD oil is pure olive oil. Olive oil consists for about 70% mainly of monounsaturated fatty acids and a high concentration of vitamin E.

The preparation method for CBD oil 6% from Medihemp

During the production process for CBD oil 6% from Medihemp, the CBD is extracted from the hemp plant and diluted with olive oil. Because the entire production process is performed cold, the CBDa is also preserved in the CBD oil. 

Dosage and storage

Always shake the bottle well before use. To avoid problems when shaking the bottle, we recommend you first firmly tighten the top. The CBD oil 6% from Medihemp is taken by dripping it under the tongue. Hold the oil for 60 seconds under your tongue before swallowing it. 

Start off with 1 to 3 drops of CBD oil per day. After this you can increase the dosage as you wish. Allow a few days between any increase so that your body can adjust. The maximum dosage per day is 30 drops spread over two intake sessions. After opening, the CBD Oil will keep for six months. Keep the oil in a cool and dark place.

Packaging contents

  • CBD oil 6%
  • Packaged in a glass bottle with a handy pipette for easy dripping of the CBD oil.
  • User guide


  • Olive oil: 8,400 mg (84%)
  • Hemp extract 1,600 mg (16%)

Rich in minerals, flavonoids, terpenes and cannabinoids.


The producer is the Austrian family company Medihemp, which cultivates and produces its products in an entirely organic manner. Medihemp is even the first CBD and CBG-producer in Europe with the official SKAL certification. This certification ensures 100% monitored organic cultivation.

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CBD and CBG are special food supplements to which beneficial properties are attributed. Still, it is important to read both the manual and our disclaimer for safe use.

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