CBD Oil Golyoli (Medi-Wiet) 3%


CBD Oil Golyoli (Medi-Wiet) 3%

The renowned Golyoli CBD from Medi-Wiet Foundation with a strength of 3%. Ideal for anyone who wants to get acquainted with CBD oil starting off with a low dosage. This oil is based on MCT oil from coconut. This gives the oil a refined, mild taste. Just a couple of drops per day is enough for you to see what Golyoli CBD can do for you. It’s available in convenient 10 ml or 20 ml pipette bottles. You can expect to get a good 240 drops from a 10 ml purchase. Enough to keep you going for a number of weeks.

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This organic CBD oil has pure CBD and MCT oil from coconut as raw materials. The CBD Oil of the Medi-Wiet Foundation contains 3% CBD. A bottle of CBD Oil from the Medi-Wiet Foundation has 10 or 20 ml content, which is enough for at least 200 to 400 drops. Buying CBD oil from us equals a rapid delivery.

Specifications for Golyoli CBD 3%:

  • Medi-Wiet Foundation CBD Oil 3%
  • Available in 10 ml or 20 ml pipette bottles
  • 10 ml is equivalent to approximately 240 drops
  • 10 ml is equivalent to approximately 300 mg CBD
  • Base oil: MCT oil
  • Creamy taste

Use and Dosage of Golyoli CBD

A 10 ml bottle of Golyoli 3% contains approximately 240 drops. You can easily take the drops by dripping from the pipette bottle under your tongue. A typical dosage is about 3 drops. You can take this dosage 1 to 3 times per day. For the best effect we recommend you dose yourself in the morning and the evening. You can if you wish increase the dosage by a few drops each time.

Golyoli Bewaren

Store in a dark cool place. Shake well before use. To avoid problems during shaking, we recommend that you ALWAYS tighten the cap tightly before shaking.

CBD Oil Based on MCT Oil

This CBD oil from the Medi-Wiet Foundation is made using an MCT oil base. This is an oil derived from coconut. The advantage of this is that you can dose really accurately (per drop) and the taste is creamier than is the case with other oils.

CBD Oil Experiences

Our experiences with CBD oil and the advantage of this oral way of taking it is that you get 100% of the CBD and can dose very precisely. Everyone will have to determine the right ratio of drops and frequency of administration for their personal situation.

CBD products are Not Psychoactive

CBD oil is not psychoactive. You do not get high or stoned like weed and cannabis oil. The psychoactive substance content is negligibly low. We would like to emphasize this because you can in no way expect a "trip" when using this oil.


MCT Oil, hemp paste (leaf and flower, from which ~3% CBD), emulsifier: sunflower lecithin.

Packaging contents

  • The 10 ml package contains a pipette bottle with approximately 240 drops.
  • The larger package contains 20 ml CBD oil, good for approximately 480 drops.

About the Medi-Wiet Foundation

Medi-Wiet Foundation was founded in 2009 by cannabis pioneer Wernard Bruining. Medi-Wiet mainly works with research into the possibilities of diluted medicinal cannabis oil. Wernard Bruining has discovered this method of using cannabis medicinally without getting high.

By taking care of yourself, you stay healthy longer and you are less likely to be entitled to the ever more expensive medical care. If people can take care of themselves with a simple self-care tool, they can also do this for people in need in their environment.


CBD and CBG are special food supplements to which beneficial properties are attributed. Still, it is important to read both the manual and our disclaimer for safe use.

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