CBD Oil Pure (Medihemp) 10%


CBD Oil Pure (Medihemp) 10%
This highly concentrated organic CBD oil 10% of Medihemp is based on organic hemp seed oil. It contains organic CBD oil from MediHemp 10%, 10ml 250 - 270 drops and CBD: 10% ± 1000mg. All the healthy benefits of the plant were used during production! For example, the seeds are cold-pressed after peeling. Keep the product in a cool and dark place and shake well before use (check the cap is well-placed)! CBD contributes to keep your health in shape.
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Strongly concentrated CBD oil 10 % from MediHemp, on the basis of organic hemp seed oil. Packed in a small brown bottle with 10 ml content that protects the content against UV light.

Choose from 10 ml and 30 ml

You can choose from a 10 ml or 30 ml bottle. A total of 1000 mg CBD is contained in a single 10 ml bottle. A bottle of 30 ml contains three times as much: 3000 mg. 10 ml of CBD oil is good for approximately 250 drops and 30 ml for ~ 750 drops.

Health from the whole plant
The hemp plants are organically cultivated on certified arable lands in the sunny Burgenland, Austria. The hemp is selected traditionally by hand. Modern techniques and insights are used in the production process.

Cold-pressed hemp oil
For example, after the peeling of the seeds they are cold-pressed. This way, all beneficial and healthy components of the hemp seeds remain intact. Hemp seeds are rich in vitamin B and E, carotene, minerals, high-quality essential proteins, Omega 3 – 6 and 9 fatty acids and the rare Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA).

Concentrated CBD
The concentration of CBD and other important substances is done in a careful manner. This MediHemp CBD oil is one of the best and healthiest products on the market.

Usage MediHemp CBD oil 10%:
Every human reacts in a unique way, the proper, effective dosage can differ from person to person. A good start is to begin with 2 drops in the evening. According to your needs, this dosage can be increased with a drop or you can increase the frequency of intake.

Maximum 2x 5 drops per day. Shake well before use and keep the drops half-a-minute under the tongue, then swallow. Store in a dry, cool place. Shelf-life is 1 year.

The difference between MediHemp Bio CBD Oil and MediHemp CBD Oil:

Bio MediHemp CBD Oil

  • Made from organic hemp seed oil and added CBD
  • Tastes very well, slight nutty flavor

Normal MediHemp CBD Oil

  • The whole plant is used, without any additions, resulting in extra Cannabinoids, apart from CBD and CBDA, also: CBN, CBV, CBG, terpenes, phenols, flavonoids
  • Tastes bitter and sharp

CBD Oil 10% MediHemp 10ml
MediHemp is, within the European boundaries, the only completely organically certified company that produces hemp and hemp products. MediHemp is a young, ambitious Austrian family company. MediHemp's mission is to take advantage of the valuable hemp plant for the composition of their organic products. The used hemp seeds have not been subject to gen technology and only they have their 100% organic arable fields EU certified.

CBD Oil as food supplement
CBD Oil from MediHemp is a food supplement.

Always consult your doctor!
The information on this page about the use of cannabinoids (CBD) is meant to help people choose when they want to use cannabis as self-medication. Our explicit advice is to ALWAYS first consult your DOCTOR. We do not make any medical claims and the information on this page is not meant to diagnose, treat or heal a disease.


CBD and CBG are special food supplements to which beneficial properties are attributed. Still, it is important to read both the manual and our disclaimer for safe use.

Read the disclaimer

Additional Information
SKU G-1240-1254
Price 88.5
Brand Medihemp
CBD percentage 7% to 15%
CBD inhoud 1000 mg
Composition Oil
content 10ml en 30 ml

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