CBD Calming Cream (Hemptouch) 50ml

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CBD Calming Cream (Hemptouch) 50ml
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An ointment that softens your skin and quickly ensures the desired result. Suitable for the fat, impure and sensitive acne skin. The ointment contains 100mg of CBD and Omega 3 and 6. Hemptouch's caring facial CBD cream reduces the production of sebum and the acne-sensitive skin will quickly relax. The ointment can be used during any time of the day. Buy this product and let your skin shine again.


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CBD caring facial cream is meant for the problematic skin and will let your skin shine again. It treats and softens the fat, unclean and sensible acne skin. This CBD caring cream will ensure a sound balance, deep under your skin. 

CBD caring facial cream:

  • 50 ml caring facial cream
  • 100 mg CBD
  • Reduces sebum production
  • Calms down the skin
  • Contains omega 3 and 6
  • Calming
  • Easy to spread

Benefits CBD caring cream
Hemptouch's CBD caring facial cream allows for a reduction of the sebum production and the acne sensible skin will be calmed soon. Thanks to the presence of Omega 3 and 6, the healing process of the skin goes quicker and your skin will soon appear more relaxed. CBD has a positive effect on the skin and has a painkilling effect in this cream. Also the skin has a calming effect. You skin will have an extra protection. The Hemptouch calming CBD cream ensures you will have a uniform and smooth skin again.

Usage of Hemptouch's facial cream
The formula of the CBD facial cream supports the skin's humid balance and through this ensures a more supple skin texture. The cream can also be used for kids and elderly people and can be easily applied. This cream can be used daily on the fat or unclean skin.

Hemptouch cosmetic products
Hemptouch cosmetic products are developed for individuals with a sensitive and irritated skin and for those who are prone to allergies. The vegetable ingredients are produced from cold-pressed hemp seed oil and organic hemp. This hemp seed oil is full with anti-oxidants and therefore nurtures the skin. Thanks to these Hemptouch products, the natural humid balance of your skin will be restored.

The treating Hemptouch cosmetics are made by people with a sensitive skin, for people with a sensitive skin. This way, they know exactly what the sensitive skin needs and which ingredients should really be avoided. All Hemptouch products are 100% natural and rich in ingredients that can bring relief to skin problems.

Contents of the package:

  • 50 ml CBD caring facial cream with ~100 mg CBD

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