CBD Capsules Raw (Medihemp) 5% 25 mg 30 caps

CBD Capsules Raw (Medihemp) 5% 25 mg 30 caps
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The CBD capsules with Raw hempseed oil from Medihemp contains much CBD, CBDA, cannabinoids and omega fats. As of now you have all which is good from the concentrated organic hemp in one capsule. The capsules are made from vegetable material (methyl cellulose). You will acquire 500mg organic cold-pressed hempseed oil, 25 CBD/CBDa. It is vegan and contains an ideal proportion of CBD/CBDA. The capsules with hempseed oil are Raw meaning they are not heated. For use read the package leaflet thoroughly and then choose the right quantity. Build up with care!



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One CBD capsule, full of CBD, CBDA, cannabinoids, omega fatty acids and a lot more. All the benefits of concentrated organic hemp in one handy capsule. Enjoy effortless from the wholesome effects that the hemp plant has to offer.

MediHemp CBD every capsule contains:

  • 500mg Organic cold-pressed hemp seed oil
  • 25mg CBD/CBDa
  • The capsules are made from plant material (methyl cellulose).
  • Ideal ratio CBD/CBDA
  • Raw CBD (not heated)

Hemp buds and flowers
This MediHemp CBD capsules are made from concentrated ingredients that were extracted from organically cultivated hemp plants (buds and flowers). The oil in this capsule is cold-pressed hemp seed oil which contains a lot of healthy omega fatty acids. The Raw CBD paste that is dissolved in it, is extracted from the buds and flowers from the organically cultivated industrial hemp plant.

CBD capsule easy and healthy
The CBD capsule is the solution for everyone who wants to enjoy the healthy benefits that CBD(A) and other cannabinoids has to offer without any effort. We already know that CBD is healthy for humans (and animals). Many investigations and different governments and universities demonstrate the wholesome properties without any doubt. So you don't need to measure or dose in a difficult way any more, just take a CBD capsule with a bit of water and that's all. The health will flow into your body.

Concentrated CBD and CBDA
The CBD capsule is filled with organic hemp seed oil and dissolved cannabinoids such as CBD and CBDA. The CBD and CBDA in this capsule is present in the ideal ratio 1:1 for an optimal wholesome effect. The healthy cold-pressed hemp seed oil also helps to contribute to the special healthy properties of this capsule. The CBD capsule is filled for 85% with hemp seed oil and 15% CBD + CBDA paste. This brings the ratio of CBD + CBDA to 5% in the capsules, this is equal to 25mg per capsule.

Usage MediHemp CBD Capsules
The RAW CBD capsules from MediHemp are easy in use. In every capsule there is exactly 25mg of this effective substance CBD + CBDA. The dosage is easy to measure, and therefore always the same. Start with 1 capsule per day and if the right result is not reached you can take 1 at a later time of the day. The experience of our regular costumers learns that 1 capsule is almost always enough to experience the wholesome effect of CBD(A).

CBD capsules without additional taste
The CBD capsules have been created because the taste of RAW CBD oil can sometimes be experienced as very sharp. The CBD capsules are made of Raw material to improve the effect between botanic cannabinoids and our own cannabinoid receptors (CB1/CB2). Because no form of heating is applied during the production process we can classify these capsules as Raw.

MediHemp, the power of craft
The family company MediHemp has been created out of the wish of the founders to use all the benefits of Mother Nature to live in a better way. They wanted to depend less on the modern (chemical) medicines, though still be able to combat a range of symptoms.

The power of hemp was known before, and in sunny Austria, in between the characteristic grapevines (Burgenland), 15 hectares of hemp was planted. Not knowing that the pure MediHemp would be so successful. Over the years a lot has happened, including the introduction of the CBD capsules. Meanwhile, more than 200 ha were planted with hemp, and the end of the rapid growth is not yet in sight.

Raw CBD capsules 5% CBD (MediHemp) 25mg 30 units
MediHemp processes all harvested hemp by itself. After cutting the buds and flower of the hemp by hand, they are dried with warm air in big hangars. This method of work ensures that the present humidity from the plants evaporates and the cannabinoids remain present in high concentrations. After this follows the extraction of the cannabinoids of the dried hemp through critical CO2 extraction (the purest method).

Content package:

  • 30 units CBD capsules with hemp oil
  • Total 750mg CBD/CBDA

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CBD and CBG are special food supplements to which beneficial properties are attributed. Still, it is important to read both the manual and our disclaimer for safe use.

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Additional Information
CBD percentage3% to 7%
CBD inhoud750 mg
content30 capsules
AvailabilityIn Stock

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