Cannabuds Ashtray or Stash - Couch

Cannabuds Ashtray or Stash - Couch
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Hanging out with the Cannabuds while you´re smoking. With the two small green Cannabuds sitting on their own 2-seats couch, it gets even cosier! Je kunt de bovenkant optillen en dan zie je de holle onderkant die gebruikt kan worden als asbak of om je voorraad te bewaren. Het product ziet er leuk uit, is praktisch in het gebruik en kan gebruikt worden als een asbak of als een stash-box. Doe er nu jouw voordeel mee en maak je keuze!


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Buds on the couch

These small green Cannabuds hang with you on their own couch while you smoke. In comparison, with this Cannabud you will seem almost sober.

Secret Stash

The upper part of the Cannabud can be raised revealing the hollow bottom. This hollow base can be used as an ashtray or as a place to store/hide your stash.

Characteristics of the Cannabuds 2-seat armchair stash or ashtray:

- Looks cool and has a secret storage compartment.
- It can be used as an ashtray or a stash box.
- Hand-finished details.
- It is safely packed in Styrofoam inside a box.

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