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MED GOM 1.0 Autoflower (Grass O Matic / CBD Crew) 3 seeds

MED GOM 1.0 Autoflower (Grass O Matic / CBD Crew) 3 seeds
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Meet the Ejector Ice Bong 1.0. The first autoflower and CBD-rich cannabis strain. This marijuana plant requires only 60 - 65 days from germination until harvest. From now on, you can easily grow Med Gom 1.0 marijuana seeds and you will discover the benefits of CBD. You can grow him both inside, outside and in greenhouses. The plants grow up to 50-80 cm high (up to one meter). You receive three seeds per package.
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Med Gom 1.0 is the first autoflower and CBD rich cannabis strain. These new autoflower marihuana seeds originate from a cooperation between Grass-O-Matic and the CBD Crew. The Med Gom 1.0 has all the advantages of an autoflower combined with a medical marihuana strain with high CBD content. The marihuana plant only needs 60 - 65 days between germination and harvest. Now everybody can grow medical marihuana with Med Gom 1.0 marihuana seeds and experience the advantages of CBD.

Characteristics MED GOM 1.0 autoflower marihuana seeds

Type: CBD autoflowering feminized
Location: Growing indoors, growing outdoors, growing in a greenhouse
Flowering period: 60 – 65 days, 18 – 20 hours light
Yield: 20 – 50 gram per plant depending on the conditions of cultivation
Height: 50 – 80 cm, with a maximum of 1 meter
Autoflower: Yes
THC: Minimum 5% till maximum 10% THC (depending on the growth conditions)
CBD: Minimum 6% till maximum 15% CBD (depending on the growth conditions)
Seeds: 3 autoflower marihuana seeds

Effects of CBD (Cannabidiol)
The Med Gom 1.0 autoflower marihuana plant contains on average 5% THC and 6% CBD. Depending on the weather conditions, the THC content can reach 10 % and the CBD can reach even 15 % content. In itself, CBD does not have a direct effect, but it influences the function of THC.
It is assumed that the proportion between CBD and THC is important for the effect. THC is in general known for its psychoactive qualities. CBD is known to suppress or eliminates the psychoactive effects of THC and amplifies the medicinal qualities of THC.

MED GOM 1.0 autoflower CBD Crew
Med Gom 1.0 autoflower marihuana seeds are feminized, this has the result that almost all of the marihuana plants will be female. The cannabis strain grows to a medium-sized plant that can grow approximately up to one meter high. The buds are compact and sticky from the resin. The taste of this medical marihuana strain is spicy with a bit of lemon.
This automatically flowering marihuana species grows fast and needs on average 65 days from germination to harvest. Depending on the weather conditions, 20 to 50 gram can be harvested from each plant. This strain is suitable for growing indoors as well as outdoors. Each package contains 3 seeds.

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Additional Information
SKU 1115
Price €27.50
Availability Out of stock
Number of seeds 3
Family (Genetics) Indica Dominant
Gender and Autoflower Autoflower and Feminised
Best cultivated Indoor, outdoor and greenhouse
From seed to Harvest (Autoflower) 8-9 weeks
Flowering 9-10 weeks
Plantheight (min-max) 50-100 cm
Harvest month May to August (Autoflower)
Difficulty Beginners
Effects Lucid, Sanative, Soothing
Mood Relax, Therapy
Taste Citrus, Pine, Savoury
Potential Yield Average
THC content 5 to 10%
CBD percentage 7% to 15%
THC:CBD Ratio More CBD than THC
Brand Grass 'O Matic
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