Germinate Cannabis Seeds and Grow Accessories

Growing a cannabis plant: it all starts with germinating. Sounds simple. However, in practice this proves otherwise. That is why we have assembled the products for you to assist you in the germinating of your cannabis seeds.

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  1. MiniGrow Box Base | Grow Cannabis

    MiniGrow Box Base | Grow Cannabis

    Are you not in the mood for a large grow tent or an enormous odor nuisance, but still want to grow your own organic weed? Then ...

  2. Propagator Pro 2

    Propagator Pro 2

    Do you want to germinate weed seeds faster, easier and in larger quantities? Buy the Propagator Pro 2 now! You can germinate 20 weeds ...

  3. Spongepot


    Do you want a tool for germinating and rooting of seeds and cuttings? Then go for the Spongepot. Easy to use and 100% organic. It ...
  4. Seedbox Germination Set (Plagron)

    Seedbox Germination Set (Plagron)

    Germination is a delicate phase for plants. To stimulate the process you can use the seed box germination set of Plagron. You will ...
  5. Seed Germination Kit Dutch-Headshop

    Seed Germination Kit Dutch-Headshop

    With these germination trays, instructions included, your sowing experience will be easier and more fun! There is a manual available in ...
  6. iGrowCan Growing Kit - White Widow Automatic

    iGrowCan Growing Kit - White Widow Automatic

    The iGrowCan Grow kit; easier is impossible. With this grow kit you really have everything you need for growing your own cannabis ...

  7. Seedbooster Plus (Plagron) 10 ml

    Seedbooster Plus (Plagron) 10 ml

    Would you like to start with your own seeds? Then the Seedbooster of Plagron is unmissable. It is a germ-accelerator and it ...

  8. Futura 75 Hemp (Private Label) 25 seeds

    Futura 75 Hemp (Private Label) 25 seeds

    Enjoy now of this package with 25 seeds, because the hemp plant which grows out of these seeds is suitable to make your own CBD oil and ...
  9. Microscope LED (Trichoscope)

    Microscope LED (Trichoscope)

    Time to harvest your cannabis plant? With the Trichoscope microscope you can see exactly when it is time to harvest your cannabis. ...


  10. Surgical Face Mask (Private Label) 1 piece

    Surgical Face Mask (Private Label) 1 piece

    It’s not difficult to cultivate shrooms but you need to be aware that they are sensitive to contamination. The biggest threat ...

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There are many ways to germinate seeds. We have put the best products to assist you in order. We also tell you everything about the process you have to go through for the greatest chance of germination. 

Different methods

There are rumors about the best way to germinate cannabis seeds. Internet forums are filled with methods that do not always work well. Often is recommended to put the seeds in a cup of water for a few days or put them in between moist paper towels or cotton swabs. Very primitive and often without result. Just like the idea to put the cannabis seeds immediately in a pot of soil to germinate. Often it is days of waiting for nothing and you can not use the seed afterwards. All these rumors of germinating seeds belong to the past with the products in this category! 

Our Solution

We offer the solution for all problems with germinating seeds. With professional products, specially designed to expedite the germination cycle, you are free of all the hassle. For a competitive price we offer products from the premium brands on the market, like Plagron. 

Main products:

  • Seedboosters these are germination speed boosters that improve the germination of old and new seeds. The seedbooster is used by adding a couple of drops of the agent to the feed water. In addition to the expediting of the germination cycle, seedboosters often also have a protecting function.
  • Spongepots these are small containers filled with soil and bacto micro organisms. These containers ensure an optimal humidity and help cannabis seeds to germinate and take root.
  • Seedboxes these are complete sets containing all you need to germinate cannabis seeds. This product is fool proof. It contains containers that develop a stable climate for the optimal germination cycle, plugs that prevent over fertilization and seedboosters.
  • In addition to the products that are specialized for germination there are also complete Top Grow Boxen  containing all you need to go through other phases of the growth process.

Do you want to know more about the growing of cannabis? Check out our blog »

The Other Phases of the Cannabis Plant 

After the germination of your cannabis seeds, you are not done yet. You are just getting started. After your cannabis seeds have germinated these phases follow: 

  • Seedlings
  • Growth
  • Flowering
  • Harvest 

Every phase has its challenges. That is why we have assembled specific cannabis nutrition for every phase. This plant nutrition contains exactly the nutrients your cannabis plant needs. 

Growing Cannabis: Why use Special Cannabis Nutrition? 

Every phase of a cannabis plant is unique. In the flowering phase the cannabis plants requires different nutrients than it requires in the growth phase. That is why we have selected special plant nutrition. Of course pure natural. Why you should use this often as a cannabis grower? Well, this is why: 

  • Ensures a healthy plant;
  • Optimizes the yield of your plant;
  • Adds nutrients;
  • Prevents leaf problems;
  • Improves resilience of your plant.

More Tips about Growing Cannabis? 

Do you want to know more about the growing of cannabis? Check out our blog. It offers a lot of information about the growing of cannabis. From germination to harvest. Additionally we have mentioned the most common forms of leaf problems with cannabis plants and described how to prevent these problems. In short: essential information for the (starting) cannabis grower!


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