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You won't find books and DVDs about growing cannabis in the bookstore or the largest online bookstore, but you do find them simply here, at Dutch-Headshop.

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  1. Boek The Joint Rolling Handbook 2

    Book The Joint Rolling Handbook 2

    You want to know more about rolling joints? Then the book The Joint Rolling Handbook 2 is something for you! Every part of the joint is ...
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Learn how to grow cannabis yourself with this selection of informative books and DVDs that contain background information about marijuana and cannabis.

Healing Hemp

The books and DVDs serve as a source of information. Take for example the book "Healing Hemp" by marijuana trailblazer Wernard Bruining. This 320-page book is divided into two interesting parts. The first part tells about cannabis as a folk medicine for the future, in which everyday people, with terrible disorders such as osteoarthritis, autism and schizophrenia, share their experiences on the use of marijuana and CBD oil as a medicine. In the second part, the author describes the unjustified ban on cannabis extensively and substantiated, followed by tips on how to make cannabis oil at home.

Such a wealth of information you won't find in the bookstore or the largest Dutch online bookshop, but simply here, at the Dutch-Headshop. This information may be the very best investment you can make to increase your garden's yield.


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