The Lowryder autoflower seeds are well known and popular for a very good reason. Lowryder marijuana plants remain small and will flower automatically after a short growth period. Therefore: You want to buy Lowryder marijuana seeds? You're at the right place at the Dutch-Headshop!

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Lowryder autoflowering cannabis seeds were developed by The Joint Doctor's. These autoflowering cannabis seeds are very well known and extremely popular among both novice and advanced growers. The small autoflower plants are quickly ready for harvest, thanks to the short flowering phase.

The first Lowryder has now been crossed with other varieties, and today The Joint Doctor's offers a wide assortment of Lowryder cannabis seeds, such as:

  • Diesel Ryder - Strong smell, powerful effects
  • Easy Ryder - Fruity, with high yields
  • Lowryder #2 - Very early flowering plant, with a cool high


Autoflowering means the plant will automatically flower after a period of about three weeks. Why is that? Autoflower cannabis plants are crossed with the Cannabis ruderalis; a bush naturally occurring in Central and Eastern Europe and Russia. Although related to the more famous Sativa and Indica strains, the ruderalis is not as rich in cannabinoids like THC and CBD. The yield is also significantly lower than the Cannabis sativa or Cannabis indica strains. Yet, the disadvantage of both Sativa and Indica plants is they only start flowering when days get shorter.


Shorter days don't affect the ruderalis. This cannabis plant automatically flowers, irrespective of the day length or amount of light. A fantastic feature. By crossing sativa or indica with a ruderalis, we get some kind of super plant; auto-flowering cannabis plants with a higher yield and a high dose of cannabinoids.

Small cannabis plants

A special advantage of small cannabis plants, is they easily fit into a breeding cabinet such as the MiniGrow Box. You prefer to grow your plant in the open air? These plants will not grow taller then your fence border, so they will grow discreetly till the flowering phase. The size and yield of your plant strongly depend on the growth conditions though. Water, fertilizer, light and air are especially important to maximize yields.

Lowryder cannabis seeds by the best brands

Although The Joint Doctor brought the strong concept of the Lowryder to the market, now they are several strong brands that sell Lowryder cannabis seeds.

  • Dutch Passion's StarRyder
  • Grass O Matic's Sugar Gom
  • MED GOM 1.0 from CBD Crew / Grass O Matic

Ordering today, means shipping today

Did you order your Lowryder cannabis seeds today? Then they will be shipped to your address today. Therefore, order them quickly and easily at the Dutch-Headshop.


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