Calamus [Acorus calamus] sliced (Herbs of the Gods) 80 grams

Calamus [Acorus calamus] sliced (Herbs of the Gods) 80 grams
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Calamus, or sweet flag, is a wetland plant with mind-expanding properties if you eat or smoke the roots. Experience a tonic or stimulating effect with these high-quality roots from Herbs of the Gods! Make a stimulating tea or increase the dosage for mind-expanding effects. You can also vape calamus in a vaporizer at 150 to 175ºC. A packet of calamus from Herbs of the Gods contains 80 grammes of finely cut calamus root.

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Whether you brew calamus tea or put these finely cut roots in a vaporizer, calamus goes down well at a party. The stimulating effects are definitely unique. Looking to buy calamus? The 80 grammes in this packet from Herbs of the Gods will keep you going for a while.

  • Euphoric, stimulating effects (mind-expanding at higher dosage)
  • 80 grammes of best quality calamus root
  • Finely chopped
  • Contains vitamin C and choline

What is Calamus?

Calamus (Acorus calamus) is also known as sweet flag. It is a wetland or pond plant which was originally found only in China and India. Nowadays it is also to be found along river banks and in gardens in Europe and North America. You can recognise a calamus plant by its upright and long bright-green leaves which grow out of a rhizome. It’s this rhizome which is probably of most interest to you.

Effects of Calamus

Although the calamus rhizome is also used as flavouring in dishes, very few people know that a higher dosage can produce a stimulating, mildly euphoric feeling. You can experience a stimulating effect with just 20 grammes. A higher dose still produces a mildly mind-expanding effect. We compare the effect to a really mild, natural form of XTC.

How do you use Calamus?

You can put calamus into a vaporizer or brew tea with it. For use in a vaporizer, make the pieces of root as fine as possible and press them carefully into the herb chamber. Vaporize at a temperature of between 150 and 175ºC. The effect is mainly dictated by the quantity.

If you prefer to brew calamus tea then a full tea infuser is enough to provide you with an uplifted feeling. For a more strongly stimulating effect you can allow 20 grammes of calamus root to steep in half a litre of hot water. Sieve out the root and drink several cups of it. For a strong consciousness-expanding effect you can raise the dosage.

Packaging contents

  • 80 grammes of finely cut Calamus Root (Acorus calamus)

Herbs of the Gods

Herbs of the Gods collects and sends out special herbs from all corners of the world. The overgrown psychedelic herb garden of Herbs of the Gods contains natural energy generators, aphrodisiacs, psychedelics and herbs for lucid dreams. From ayahuasca to zacatechichi. The garden was created in 1999 and the quality of the herbs and extracts make Herbs of the Gods unrivaled in this segment.

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