Bubbleator B-Quick incl mini-crystals bag

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Bubbleator B-Quick incl mini-crystals bag
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You can collect crystals even faster from now on. The Bubbleator B-Quick allows you to see the first result in less than ten minutes! The filter system can handle 350 grams of raw material and suitable for intensive use. The product is delivered complete and ready for use. You can easily move it and you receive a Pyramid-shaped bag of 220mc, a 220mc purge bag, a 70mc and 38 mc collection bag, a roll of kitchen paper and a thermometer.


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The Bubbleator

Pollinator Companies latest invention "The Bubbleator". Collect your first crystals within 10 minutes!

The Bubbleator is the latest development from the Pollinator Company. It has a 350 gram capacity and is geared towards intensive use and a rapid turnover.

Simple system

The system is a complete fully operational setup. The setup is discreet and compact. It is light and can be transported easily with the built in handles. It features a drive system that invokes motion of the plant material through non-intrusive means.

Included accessories:

  • Pyramid bag 220mc
  • Cleaner bag 220mc
  • Crystal catching bag 70mc
  • Crystal catching bag 38mc
  • Thermometer

For more information and instructions, you can download the manual.

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