Okay, you want to buy cannabis seeds but you can't see the wood for the trees. There are now hundreds of seed banks and more than a thousand species of cannabis. How do you know which seeds are good? In this article we will explain what you need to look out for if you want to buy cannabis seeds, and describe which seeds are best for your needs.

Feminized, auto flower or regular cannabis seeds
It is useful to know that there are four main types of seeds. The most common types of seeds are: Feminized and Feminized Auto flower. At the end of this article we will explain in more detail what the differences are between the main types.

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Make your choice
First you need to decide where you want to grow your cannabis plants. Not all types of cannabis are suitable for outdoor or indoor growing.

Outdoor growing
When growing your weed outdoors, in the Netherlands, you have to pay attention to when the plant is ready for harvest. This should not take too long because the weather in the Netherlands, from October, is often not good enough for the cannabis plant. If you are going to grow cannabis outdoors in the Netherlands or northern Europe, you should read the article: Which cannabis seeds are suitable for outdoor growing?.

Indoor growing
When growing weed indoors, we assume that you have a separate room and the necessary lighting and growing environment. If you grow with HPS, we advise you to buy feminized seeds. If you grow with LED, then feminized auto flower seeds are probably the best choice.

Windowsill culture
Grow on a windowsill without additional lighting, or with minimal lighting, is only possible if you start in the spring or in the summer. Choose an auto flower cannabis variety.

Seeds for the beginner
If you're going to grow cannabis plants for the first time, then your best choice will be an auto flower weed species. With this species, you won't need to take into account a light schedule. Also, you won't have to wait long until the cannabis plant flowers. Auto flower cannabis plants are easy to grow and great for novice growers.

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With the explanation above we have the following schedule:

  Beginner Advanced
Outdoor growing Netherlands Feminized Auto flower Feminized
Outdoor growing Northern Europe Feminized Auto flower Feminized
Outdoor growing Southern Europe Feminized Feminized
Indoor growing CFL lighting Feminized Autoflower Feminized Autoflower
Indoor growing LED lighting Feminized Autoflower Feminized Autoflower
Indoor growing HPS lighting Feminized Feminized
Indoor growing windowsill Feminized Autoflower Feminized Autoflower

If all goes well you must know now if you need a regular feminized seed species, or Feminized Auto flower seeds.

Effects and taste
It may be an obvious tip, but choose a weed species which has the taste and effect that you desire. Ultimately, you grow cannabis because you like it. So, if you have had a good experience with a particular type of cannabis, then consider whether it would be a suitable choice for you to grow.

To help you with your choice of a specific type of seeds, we have the following, additional advice:

Outdoor growing in Netherlands
If you want to grow seeds outdoors in the Netherlands or Northern Europe or if you are a beginner, then we recommend the Auto flower:

1. Auto Northern Light (Auto NL)
2. White Widow Autoflower
3. Big Bang Autoflower

Auto Northern Light Dutch Headshop

Outdoor growing in the Netherlands and you have experience
If you want to grow seeds outdoors in the Netherlands and you want large plants with a great harvest, we recommend the following weed seeds / species:

1. Hollands Hope
2. The Church
3. White Widow

Indoor growing with CFL lighting or LED lighting
If you want to grow seeds with CFL lighting or LED lighting, then we advise you to plant Auto flower species because they remain relatively small. You can also use non-auto flower plants but keep the growth phase short (from 0 up to 2 weeks):

1. White Widow Autoflower
2. Think Different
3. Auto Northern Light (Auto NL)

Indoor growing with HPS
If you want to grow seeds under HPS then you have more options as the HPS light is very good. The following species are often grown under HPS:

1. Power Plant
2. White Widow
3. Amnesia Haze

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Medicinal cannabis strains
If you are looking for a cannabis strain with good medicinal properties, there are a lot to choose from and your choice depends on the effect desired. These are the types that we sell the most for medicinal purposes:

1. CBD Kush Dutch Passion
2. Fast Eddy Automatic Royal Queen Seeds
3. Medische Mix CBD Royal Queen Seeds

Reliable shop
Buy your seeds from a large and reliable store that preferably sells more than just cannabis seeds. There are small shops that sell weed seeds and sometimes they have a large assortment, however the disadvantage of these online shops is that the seeds supplied are not from their own stock and delivery time is often lengthy. Also, do not buy seeds from a souvenir shop or smartshop, as often these seeds are not kept cool, dry and in a dark place. At the Dutch Headshop we keep all the seeds in stock, under controlled conditions. We sell many seeds so they are never in stock for a long period of time.

Hopefully you now know what kind of weed seeds you would like to buy. If you have any questions or would like advice for your specific situation, please contact us.

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Female, auto flower or regular cannabis seeds
Main Types 1 and 2 are the most used and are suitable for almost everyone:

  1. Female seeds
    • Also called feminized seeds.
    • For a detailed explanation of Female seeds, read the article More information about Feminized Seeds.
  2. Female Auto flower seeds
    • Seeds from which female plants grow who will flourish automatically.
  3. Regular seeds
    • You will obtain both male and female plants.
    • For a detailed explanation of male and female seeds, read the article Male or Female Cannabis plant?.
  4. Regular Auto flower seeds
    • Seeds from which grow male and female plants who will flourish automatically.